Sunday, January 20, 2013

Adam And The Gymnast Part 3

by BubbleButtLuvr

Eighteen year old Adam Higgins had never expressed much interest in gymnastic. True it was his favorite thing to do in his high school gym class. But, that was simply because it came easy to him. With his lean wiry build and unusually flexible body he was a natural. Still he had never expressed much interest in the sport outside of it getting him an easy A in gym. That is to say he never expressed much interest until he met his father's friend Ricardo.

Ricardo had been boyhood friends with Adam's father, Eric, since childhood. Shortly after graduating high school Ricardo married and moved away. Now at fifty years of age Ricardo had just gone through a messy divorce and was moving back to town to start over, so to speak. He had been teaching gymnastics most of his adult life and when an opening came up at the local university he grabbed the chance to come back home.

The minute Adam got one look at Ricardo he knew he had to have him. He was just the type of man Adam loved. Adam had a thing for older men there was no doubt about that. And Ricardo's dark Latin looks were almost too much for the teen to bear. Ricardo wore his hair very short. It was black but sprinkled with grey. A look Adam found very sexy. He also wore a small mustache which Adam also found very sexy. And at fifty the man was built better than most twenty-five-year olds. He had a lean muscular build from all his years of both doing and teaching gymnastics.

As soon as Adam found out that Ricardo had gotten permission from the university to use the gym after hours to give private lessons Adam knew he had to get some "private" lessons from his father's sexy friend. And Adam had the distinct impression that Ricardo would enjoy these "private" lessons as much as he would. There was something in the handshake, the way he held on to Adam's hand just a few seconds longer than socially acceptable when Mr. Higgins introduced his son to his friend. There was something in the way he held Adam's gaze a few seconds longer than socially acceptable as he said, "I'm very please to me you, Adam." There was even something in the inflection of his voice. And even his smile seemed somehow seductive to the teen.

Adam begged his father for lessons from Ricardo, all the while thinking that he would love to teach Ricardo a thing or two. Eric finally agreed to let his son take lessons from Ricardo. But, Ricardo would not hear of accepting any money for teaching his friend's son. And that is how Adam came to develop an interest in Gymnastics.

Adam's first lesson was to be Monday evening at 7:00 after the gym had closed for the day. Adam showed up wearing a pair of jeans that were impossibly tight. Adam knew his assets and loved to show them off. The jeans clung to his extra large booty showing every curve and leaving little to the imagination. His tight white T clung to his lean muscular chest and showed off his chiseled abs. His dark hair hung down seductively over one eye. His deep blue eyes sparkled in contrast to his thick dark hair. These were definitely not clothes one would wear to practice gymnastics. But, Adam had a different kind of sport in mind.

Ricardo who was dressed in sweats and a T-shirt greeted Adam and told him that he should change into his gym clothes.

Feigning stupidity Adam replied, "Oh, no. I knew I forgot something. I didn't bring a change of clothes." This he followed with a coy look at Ricardo.

"Well, Adam how did you expect to work out in those clothes. Those jeans are way too tight!" said Ricardo somewhat annoyed.

"Weeeellll. We will be alone right?"

"Yes. But..."

"Well, if it's okay with you I could... never mind."

"What.", snapped Ricardo becoming annoyed.

"Well, it's a crazy idea but I was gonna say I could work out in just my underwear if your sure we won't be disturbed. But it was a silly idea," said Adam once again playing innocent.

By this point Ricardo was beginning to see what was happening. His old friend's son was trying to seduce him. Ricardo liked this game and decided to continue playing it. He was no longer angry but decided to act like he was to further the game along. "Well, I guess you have no choice young man, now do you!? My time is valuable and I won't have you wasting it so get on with it. Strip down to your under pants!"

"Yes, sir," said Adam smiling as he turned his back to Ricardo and began to disrobe.

Adam undid his jeans and began to wiggle his super sized buns out of them. Ricardo watched from behind as the teen peeled away the denim from his full backside. Once the jeans were over his massive bubble butt they slide off with ease. His white T-shirt hung down covering the top 4/5 of his big booty.

From under the T Ricardo could see the youth's well tanned bottom spilling out from the leg bands of his skimpy red cotton bikini briefs. Then Adam pulled the shirt up over his head revealing just how skimpy his briefs really were. The sides of the sexy under garment were no more than 1/2 inch wide, if that. The leg bands rode up high on the man-boy's ass allowing more ass flesh to spill out than it actually covered.

Adam tossed the T shirt aside and looked back over his shoulder at his father's friend smiling seductively. He then turned to face the man 32 years his senior. Ricardo's eyes widened as he saw the young man's manhood fighting to break free from the small cotton under garment. Adam's thick cock and large low hanging nuts made the underwear hang low in front revealing the slightest bit of his well trimmed pubes.

Ricardo cleared his throat, "That underwear is at least two sizes too small and they're kind of revealing. Don't you think?"

Continuing his flirtatious game Adam replied, "I know, sir. I'm sorry. I never expected to have to strip down in front of anyone. I had no idea anybody would see me in them. If you prefer I can get dressed." Adam bent over pretending to reach for his jeans knowing full well Ricardo would find some excuse to have him stay dressed just as he was. As the well tanned eighteen year old bent over his miniscule bikini rode up revealing more of his bulbous bubble butt to the horny older man.

Ricardo wasn't stupid. He knew this was a lie. He knew that Adam had pick out this specific pair of underwear because he did know he would be stripping down and that he would be seen in them. He also knew the kid didn't want to cover up his hot body any more than Ricardo wanted him too so he continued to play the young man's game. "Well, that's your problem not mine. Your jeans are way too tight for you to be able to do the kind of stretching you'll be doing so you'll just have to remain in those little briefs. Now my time is valuable so let’s get moving! Get to the center of the gym!"

Adam obeyed heading to the center of the gym. Ricardo watched as the boy's cock and balls bounced up and down in the thin material of the well stretched under pants. Adam passed Ricardo who followed close behind watching the kid’s voluptuous ass jiggle like gelatin with each step.

Once in the center of the gym Ricardo ordered Adam to bend at the waist and touch his toes without bending his knees. Adam did as instructed. Ricardo watched as the scant red bikini rode further up the teens ass crack over his massive ass mounds.

Adam would bend and then straighten over and over. The first five times he did this just as he had been instructed without bending his knees. The sixth time however, he bent them slightly. Ricardo saw this and without warning, CRACK, he smacked Adam's plump boy buttocks. By this time the scant little bikini was wedged so far up the youth's ass it resembled a thong.

As Ricardo's hand met Adam's ass his fleshy ass globes quivered and bounced. Adam let out a yelp and Ricardo told him that each time he bent his knees he'd get another whack.

Catching onto Ricardo's game from this point on Adam bent his knees each time he bent over. And each time he'd straighten Ricardo's hand would make contact with his well padded bottom. Red hand prints covered the teens rear end until there were so many that his ass looked like one glowing red mass. By the end of the "exercise" each man had raging hardons.

Next Ricardo had Adam do a full split. Adam slowly spread his legs wider and wider until they were spread to the limit and his ass cheeks touched the floor. The Ricardo told him to bounce.

Adam began to bounce as instructed. It was quite an erotic picture to see the teen bouncing up and down wearing practically nothing. Adam grunted and groaned as he bounced looking and sounding like a whore in heat. All the while Ricardo just watched enjoying the private show.

Next Adam was told to do a forward roll. He did the first successfully wedging his underwear deeper between his mountains of ass. Maybe it was the fact that the underwear was stretched to the limit. Maybe it was all the stretching or maybe it was a combination of both but the next forward roll Adam did was too much for the small garment. There was a loud RRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP as both sides of the under pants gave way and fell free as Adam continued to roll. Now Adam landed naked on his face, legs spread wide, his large shaved nuts on display between his thighs for his father's buddy to see.

Adam feigned embarrassment as he rolled over and made a show of trying to cover his engorged cock with his hands as he stood up, "I'm sorry, sir. I can't believe that just happened."

Ricardo slapped the teen’s hands away from his semi erect prick. "No, time for modesty, boy! Like I said before, I won't have you wasting my time. You'll just have to finish your lesson in the nude!"

"Yes, sir!" replied the young man with a wicked grin.

Ricardo ordered Adam to lie on his back and pull his knees back behind him so that they would touch the mat next to his head. Adam did as instructed pulling his knees back next to his ears. As he did Ricardo stood over him watching as his plump ass cheeks spread revealing his tight puckered pink anus.

Adam now had his knees next to his ears on the mat and his cock was in his own face, resting on his lips. Seductively he parted his lips and licked the head of his prick slowly. His eyes locked with the man old enough to be his father.

At this point both men knew all pretenses were off. Eyes still locked Ricardo whispered "Suck it. Suck your teen cock for me, boy."

This was a trick Adam had done many times in the privacy of his own room, But, never under anyone else's watchful eye. But, he obeyed, licking the head of his own cock then taking the head in his mouth. As Adam began to suck himself off Ricardo began to run his thumb along the youth's asshole.

"That's it you fuckin' cock tease suck that teen prick off," growled Ricardo with abandon lust.

Adam took more of his own meat in his mouth. He was incredibly aroused having his father's friend watch him pleasure himself. And the dirty talk was driving him wild.

"Yeah, suck it, pervert. Suck that thick meat. You like havin' you Dad's friend watch don't you? You fuckin' slut!"

Adam shook his head yes as he gobbled his eighteen year old cock. He loved being watched almost as much as he enjoyed having this sexy older man treat him like the slut he was.

Ricardo began to rim the teen’s ass as Adam continued sucking his own schlong. The older man worked his tongue in deep and Adam moaned. But, his moan was stifled by his own cock. Ricardo's tongue raped the boy's hole as Adam continued to deep throat himself.

Finally it was too much. Adam let out a loud muffled moan as his tool exploded in his mouth; like he always did when he was alone the youth tried to swallow all of his own seed. But, his cock was gushing out sweet salty spunk so fast it was impossible. Ricardo watched as the thick white goo poured out the corners of the young man's mouth and dribbled down his chin.

Adam continued to lap himself like a dog until he had licked up every last drop of his own spunk. Ricardo rose to his feet, the front of his sweat pants were covered in his own load of spunk, which he had shot as he was eating out his friend's son.

Ricardo cracked Adam's still red ass and told him to hit the showers. He then reminded the boy, with a wink, that their next "practice" was the following Monday at 7:00 and it was uniform optional.

The End

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