Sunday, January 6, 2013

Danny & Coach Davis: Spanked For Squirting Part 2

by BubbleButtLuvr

Coach Davis shut the door behind him before dropping into the hard back wooden chair behind his desk. It had been a long day for the high school gym teacher. He rose at five that morning and headed off to the gym to get a workout before school. Then he spent the rest of the day not only teaching his regular gym classes but also using his free periods to fill in for Mr. Tucker, who had called in sick, teaching his health class. And then after school he had to run practice for his senior boy’s baseball team. He had been so busy he even missed lunch so he was enjoying this much needed rest. He would sit for fifteen minutes, giving the young men a chance to shower and change, before he himself hit the showers and headed home.

The Coach leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to rest for what seemed like a second. All of a sudden he was jarred awake by a large banging sound coming from the locker room. It took a second for him to focus and realize that he had fallen asleep in his office at the school. Looking at the clock on the wall Coach Davis realized he had been out cold for over thirty minutes. Then he heard the banging again. It sounded like metal on metal. Next he heard what sounded like several sets of feet running followed by Danny Mannix’s voice yelling, "Pussy’s!" And finally there was some laughing and yelling.

Angrily Coach Davis sprang to his feet and without even thinking grabbed the hand carved wooden paddle that hung on his wall. Pulling his office door open the Coach stormed into the locker room. The sight that greeted him was more than he could handle. The room was covered in water. From the shower room he heard running and laughing.

Then all of a sudden Jake Morgan and Rick Spencer came bursting into the locker room clad in just their white jock straps. Both young men were drenched and laughing as they rounded the corner banging into an open locker. All of a sudden both young men stopped short, their smiling eyes replaced by fear as they saw their Coach before them holding his paddle.

Next Danny came bounding into the locker room. He was wearing a pair of yellow nylon bikini briefs that at first glance Coach Davis decided were at least one if not two sizes too small for the muscular eighteen year old. Danny too was soaking wet. His bikini clung to him obscenely. Its wet status left the miniscule under garment completely see-thru. It wrapped itself around the teen’s huge nut sack and thick shaft, a sight the Coach did not miss.

In his hand or rather perched on his shoulder like a rifle Danny had a Super Soaker squirt gun. He was just about to take aim at his friends when he saw Coach Davis. Startled Danny let the toy fall to the floor.

Coach Davis was torn. On one hand he was furious; the three young men had destroyed the locker room. It had only been a week since Danny’s father came begging Coach Davis not to kick him off the baseball team and to help administer the discipline his eighteen year old son needed. Hell Coach Davis even spanked the teen bare assed with Mr. Mannix watching in horror as his son’s cock grew eventually exploding as the Coach spanked his full buns. Now here it was a week later he had done something like this. And Jake and Rick, they knew better too. All three boys were eighteen years old. That was plenty old enough to start acting like the adults they were. But, then on the other hand Coach Davis had to admit that all three young men did look good dripping wet in their current state of undress. And that was a sight he wouldn’t have wanted to miss. He had to force himself to focus.

"Danny!" What are you doing!?"

"Dah, nuttin’, Coach. Just havin’ some fun is all." Danny answered in his typical dumb jock draw.

"And you guys," said the Coach shifting his gaze to Jake and Rick. "What were you thinking?"

"I’m sorry, sir." replied Rick, his eyes darting back and forth, clearly uncomfortable at being caught. "But, Danny’s been squirting people with that gun all day long and well he came after us as we were headed for the shower so what could we do""

Following his buddies lead Jake jumped in with both feet placing the blame on Danny as well, "Yeah we were just trying to get away from him, Coach."

But, Coach Davis was no fool. While it may be true that it was Danny who started the game it was obvious that Jake and Rick were having as much fun as he was.

"I saw three boys running and I heard three boys laughing so three boys will be punished."

Jake gulped hard as Rick began to speak, "But, Coach that’s not fair."

"The custodian will have to clean the locker room. That’s not fair either." snapped the Coach. "Now Rick and Jake since you did not start it you will receive five swats a piece on the bare butt. Danny, since you started all of this you will get fifteen. Also, on the bare butt. And for every complaint I hear I double your swats. Is that understood?"

In unison Jake and Rick replied with, "Yes, Coach." However Danny’s reply was, "But…"

Coach Davis cut him off saying, "Okay, Danny, now you get thirty."

"No, but Coach all I was gonna say was…"

"Okay, Danny, doubling your thirty now you get sixty. Would you like to go for one hundred and twenty?"

"Dah, no Coach." Came Danny’s weak reply

"Good. Now Rick and Jake I want you two to stand side by side with your hands on the lockers. Rear ends out. And, Danny, you stand here next to me so you can see what your in store for."

Jake and Rick looked nervously at one another as they turned to face the lockers. Coach Davis couldn’t help but take not in the difference in the builds of both young men. Jake had a very lean well defined build with a small perfectly rounded rock hard ass, not large but very well shaped. While Rick’s build was much more muscular and beefy, his ass was just as well shaped as Jake’s but much larger with lots more bounce. While Rick’s ass didn’t have lots of shelf his cheeks were quit large. So large in fact the as they billowed out the back of his jock you couldn’t even see the leg bands that cradled his plump ass pillows.

Coach Davis looked over at Danny and though he wasn’t certain he thought he saw something in the teen’s eyes. It appeared to be look of lust as he eyed up his buddies rumps. But, just as quickly as he thought he saw it the look vanished from the young man’s eyes. Once again Coach Davis had to focus on what he was doing and ignore the raging hard on that was stirring in his thong under his gym shorts.

Arm raised high paddle in hand Coach Davis brought it down hard on Jakes hard ass. Jake let out a whine. Next the paddle came down on Rick’s rump causing his large cheeks to ripple like a breeze blowing across a lake. Back and forth on each young man Coach Davis went with his paddle; a paddle that he had been using for over fifteen years on the bare butts of naughty young men. By his side stood Danny his own mammoth sized ass popping out the back of his skimpy briefs. Danny reached back with his left hand to pull his underwear, which were creeping up between his cheeks, free. But no sooner had they been pulled out the vortex of his ass seemed to pull them right back in. Danny watched his friends get their butts spanked knowing he would soon get his. As if to ward of the pain of what was to come he reached back and absent mindedly began rubbing his own huge ass with both his hands.

It only took a few minutes for Coach Davis to administer the five swats to the two young men. Now both their backsides were a glowing red. "Okay, Danny, I want you to go stand next to your buddies."

Danny stopped rubbing his ample behind and took his place in line next to Rick. Coach Davis had to stifle a grin. All there young men had great asses in their own right. Jake’s small, hard and perfectly round. Rick’s meatier with loads of lower ass cheek and lots of bounce. But Danny by far had the best ass of all three. Maybe the best ass that the Coach had ever seen. Not only did it have a perfectly round shape like Jake’s and loads of lower cheek like Rick’s but he also had tons of shelf and it just seemed to pop right out at you. And it was the perfect combination of muscle and fat. So that it had just the right amount of jiggle to it. Coach Davis eyed up all three rumps. "What a sight." he thought to himself.

Making himself focus on the task at hand once more Coach Davis spoke, "Okay Jake, Rick I want you to come over here and stand on either side of the bench. And Danny I want you to remove your underwear."

"But Coach. Ah, Jake and Rick didn’t have to take off theirs why do I?" asked Danny.

"Because they are wearing jocks and their butts are exposed and you are wearing underwear and your butt is not exposed. I said you boys were to be spanked on the bare ass. Now no more back talk or I’ll double your swats again,"

Though Coach Davis had a point the truth of the matter was whether or not Danny left his skimpy underpants on or not really didn’t matter. They were so small and rode up so far over his full meaty cheeks that almost his entire ass was exposed already.

Truthfully Danny wasn’t shy about being naked in front of anyone. He had a great body and he knew it. That was part of the reason he wore the skimpy little underwear he did, to show it off. And all the girls seemed to like the way he looked in it. Danny began to pry the underwear free from between his large mountains of ass and wiggle out of them as Jake and Rick took their spots on either side of the changing bench in front f the locker.

Danny now stood before his Coach and two buddies completely naked. All three men took note of the fact that Danny had not only shaved his balls but also all of his pubes. Jake had to suppress a laugh at the sight of that. But Danny didn’t seem to notice or care he just stood there scratching his low hanging balls with his right hand as he scratched the back of his head with his left looking every bit the dumb jock he was.

Pulling his attention away from Danny’s hairless manhood Coach Davis said, "Okay, Danny, I want you to kneel on the bench."

Danny did as instructed. Looking first at Rick then at Jake and then at his own reflection in the mirror that hung on the wall before him.

"Okay men. I want you to watch closely and see what happens when you start trouble and then back talk your Coach." Said Coach Davis as he raised the paddle high and brought it down hard on Danny’s large bare rump.

Danny let out a yell through gritted teeth. Again the Coach brought the paddle down hard on Danny’s lily white ass. Danny jolted forward but then immediately pushed his ass back out awaiting the next swat. As he pushed back his monster globes parted giving Coach Davis a perfect view of his hole. It was pink and puckered and almost seemed to be twitching with anticipation. His own cock now at full mast under his gym shorts coach Davis brought the paddle down hard on Danny’s young buns.

Both Jake and Rick took note that Coach Davis seemed to be paddling Danny much harder than he had paddled them. But, Danny was taking it like a champ, even pushing back into the paddle as if to dare the Coach to hit him again. The two teens looked at one another in shocked silence. Another loud crack of the paddle drew both boys attention back to their friend’s huge rump which shook and bounced with each swat of the 20" solid wood paddle.

Coach Davis continued to whale on Danny’s tender young ass but as he did Danny’s yells of pain seemed to take on a new tone. Rather then yells of pain the sounded more like moans of pleasure. At least that was how it sounded to Jake. He looked at Rick with confusion in his eyes as if to ask if Rick got the same impression. As if telepathically receiving his friend’s message Rick just looked at Jake and shrugged as if to say," I don’t know."

Danny’s plump buns bounced with each swat from the paddle. It didn’t take long before the youth’s ass was a bright red. Coach Davis couldn’t help but remember what happened the last time he had spanked Danny. How he had blown his load right there in front of his Dad without even touching himself. Sure he had told Mr. Mannix that was normal but truthfully he had not seen it that many times and wonder or rather hoped it would happen again.

Danny was moaning and a look of ecstasy replaced the stupid grin on his gorgeous face as Coach Davis spanked him raw. Then Jake saw it. He just happened to glance down and when he did he saw that Danny’s cock was growing. He couldn’t believe that Danny Mannix was getting off on being spanked by the Coach and as he and Rick watched. Wide eyed Jake motioned with his head for Rick to look and see Danny’s growing hard on. As Rick looked down he had to stifle a gasp. Not only was Danny rock hard but he was now dripping precum on the bench.

Danny could feel his own stiff prick bobbing up and down with each swat from the paddle. He could feel it hit the wooden bench. He knew his friends could see but he didn’t care. For some reason it felt way to good to care. From behind Coach Davis could see Danny’s heavy cum filled nuts swinging and his hairless engorged schlong bouncing. There was a pool of precum on the bench below the teen. Coach Davis felt his own cock twitch and poke its way out of the waistband of his thong brushing against the rough material of his gym shorts.

As if lost in his own world Danny began to moan louder then said, "Coach I’m gonna blow!!"

Jake and Rick watched in amazement as Coach Davis began to spank Danny even harder and faster. Danny yelled out,"OOOOOHHHH YESSSSS!!!"

His cock was still bobbing up and down and swinging back and forth as his juices began to pour freely flying all around the locker room. The first big gusher shot out and hit Jake right on the pouch of his jock. The warm sticky goo began to drip from the teen’s jock and hit the floor. The second blast hit Rick in the thigh and ran down his muscular leg. Blast after blast of warm liquid shoot from Danny’s cock as Coach Davis continued to paddle his larger than average rear. Cum landed on the bench and on the floor. Finally Danny stopped shooting and Coach Davis stopped paddling. Danny fell in a heap on the bench landing in his own cum. At this point nobody knew how many swats Danny had received and nobody cared the punishment had reached an end. Jake and Rick were speechless as they each stood there with their friends cum dripping from them.

Coach Davis broke the obvious tension that was building in the room. "Okay, men, hit the showers. And remember if you get out of line that could happen to you as well."

Both Jake and Rick gulped at the thought of being spanked to the point of cumming. Was it true? Could the Coach spank them to that point? Neither one wanted to find out so they decided not to focus on it. All three young men made their way to the showers laughing and joking as if nothing had happened. Coach Davis watched their red asses as they departed. Rick and Danny’s rear ends bounced and shook with each footfall while Jakes was solid as marble. "Ah, youth." thought Coach Davis as he entered his office locking the door behind him.

Once alone he stripped down to his red cotton thong and sat back in his chair pulling his rock hard dong out the side. Closing his eyes and propping his feet up on the desk Coach Davis thought about the scene that had just unfolded before as he stroked himself to completion. He listened as the three young men finished dressing in the locker room outside his office. He waited until he heard them leave before he grabbed his own towel and headed for the showers, his prick still hard and hanging out the side of his thong dripping with his own juices. "Yes, it was a long day." thought Coach Davis, "but, a good one.

The End

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