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Humiliating Timmy - Strip Poker Spank Part 1

by BubbleButtLuvr

It was a typical Monday night for forty-five year old Tim Collins and his men. They were gathered around his dinning room table for their weekly game of strip poker. The whole idea for a weekly game of strip poker had started over twenty-two years ago when Tim was just a rookie on the Glendale police force.

Tim wasn't much of a gambler in those days and as he sat in on the first poker game he lost big. The chief at the time had jokingly said that he could throw his clothes in the pot. Tim took him seriously and wound up betting every stitch of clothing he had on. And he still lost forcing him to drive home naked and explain to his new bride where his pay check and clothing had gone. But somehow the idea of the strip poker game stuck and now more then twenty-two years later Tim was chief of police in the little town of Glendale and still holding the weekly strip poker game.

At forty-five years of age Tim could still hold his own with guys half his age. His light blond hair was sprinkled with gray, as was his mustache. His hair was fair to begin so the gray was barely discernable. His pecs were hard as brick and his biceps bulged. His abs were more cut today than they had been at twenty-five. Like all men in his family he had the Collins butt, full and meaty. Some would say too full but, it never bothered Tim. It always got him extra attention. And his cock was thick and veiny with lemon sized nuts which had only a light dusting of pale blond hair covering them. So Tim did not feel uncomfortable on those occasions where he lost big, for he had nothing to be ashamed of.

Tonight four of Tim's men were over. Carter (46), Morgan (49), Johnson (52) and Wilkins (54). The five men sat around the table in various states of undress puffing on cigars and playing poker.

Carter was in a pair of blue jeans and a white wife beater, his shirt having been thrown in the pot. Morgan wore a blue button down Oxford with a pair of black boxer briefs. Johnson had on a white T-shirt and white fly front briefs. Wilkins was down to his blue boxers and nothing else. And Tim was left wearing only his red and black stripped designer bikini briefs.

Shortly after nine o' clock there was a knock at the door. Tim assumed it was his eighteen year old son Timmy. Timmy's mother had walked out on the men when the boy was only two and Tim had raised him by himself. Overall Timmy was a good kid but, this being his senior year of high school he was starting to test the waters. He would break curfew, take the car without permission and even back talk Tim.

Most recently Timmy tried to assert his manhood by announcing that he now wanted to be called Tim. His father did not get on board with this. The reason he had been called Timmy all his life was that it was too confusing to have two Tim's living under the same roof. This aggravated Timmy to no end. As far as he was concerned Timmy was a baby name and he was now a man.

Tim opened the door, clad in just his tiny bikini briefs, to find Timmy standing there next to one of his rookies, Officer Phelps. The officer spoke, "Sorry to disturb you chief but , I caught Timmy here with some of his friends drinking out by Millers farm."

Tim's eyes filled with rage as he looked at Timmy, "What!?"

"I figured you'd want this kept quiet so I dropped the other kids off at home and then brought Timmy here myself."

Looking back at the officer Tim took a puff on his cigar and said," Thanks, Phelps. I appreciate it." With that Tim reached out and grabbed his son by the ear pulling him inside. Tim & Phelps nodded their good byes as Tim shut the door.

Timmy knew he was in for it. He cast his ice blue eyes downward. Tim looked at his son. Biologically and legally he was a man but in so many ways he still seemed like a boy. His thick pale blonde hair hung down in his eyes as he bite on his full pouty lower lip. And his build was so slight while Tim was a tall 6'2" Timmy was just about 5'7" and waif like at 120 lbs. build. His body was lean and defined, but that as due youth not dedication to working out. And like his father Timmy had been blessed with the Collins butt, full and meaty. But, while Tim's ass was hard from squats Timmy's was jiggly from laziness. It was as if all his body fat rested in his over plump rear, which jutted out lewdly. The best word to describe Timmy was twink. That is exactly what he was, an eighteen year old twink.

"How could you Timmy!? I am the chief of police in this town for fuck's sake."

"I know Dad. I'm sorry." said Timmy batting his long blonde eyelashes as he spoke.

"Well, that's not gonna cut it young man! Do you realize you could have been arrested!?"

Timmy could see his dads buddies stop their game and focus their attention on him and his father as they talked in the hallway. "Dad, can we talk about this after the game?"

"No, we will talk about it now! And since you have seen fit to interrupt my game we can just do it in front of my men!" snapped Tim as he grabbed Timmy by the ear and dragged him into the living room/dinning room area. As he did his scant bikini rode up high on his hard meaty rear.

Standing before his four officers Tim told them that Timmy was almost arrested for underage drinking. There were murmurs among the men about how irresponsible Timmy had been.

Tim never believed in spanking and never really spanked Timmy growing up but since Timmy turned eighteen Tim had started spanking him in the hope that humiliation might curb his behavior, it hadn't yet. But, that wouldn't stop Tim from trying.

To Timmy he said, "Okay son you know the routine. Strip down for your spanking."

Timmy's eyes grew wide, "Dad"! No, not in front of your guys! Can't we do this later?" He certainly did 'know the routine'. His dad had never been very strict growing up. He couldn't even remember ever being spanked as a child but once he turned eighteen his dad suddenly decided that he needed to be brought down a peg or two and a spanking was the way to do this.

The spanking was bad enough but his father always made him strip naked for it to 'add to the humiliation and bring him down a notch' as his dad liked to say. But, he couldn't be serious; would his dad really spank him bare assed in front of half the Glendale police force? Timmy decided he would strip just to his underwear and see if that was good enough.

"I said strip!" barked Tim to his twink of a son.

Timmy knew he had no choice. He pulled his T-shirt up over his head revealing his tight young naturally smooth chest. Next he reached for his belt, un-buckling it as he slid down his zipper and popped the button on his tight fitting jeans. His jeans slipped down his legs and landed on the floor. He pulled off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans.

Underneath his clothes Timmy wore a pair of florescent orange bikini briefs identical in style and cut to his father's red and black stripped underwear. The cops laughed when Morgan said, "Like father, like son.", in reference to the two's men's taste un underwear. The scant cotton/lycra undergarment clung to Timmy's every curve, of which there were many. His ass resembled a pair of basketballs in the orange bikini, which like his dad's rode up high one his fleshy cheeks exposing most of the lower half of his ample bottom.

The front of his briefs hung down low due to the weight of his own gigantic nut sack and his thick cock was clearly outlined in the briefs as was his father's, who stood at his side with his hands on his hips. Still in this state of undress Timmy felt a certain amount of comfort. After all, with the exception of Carter all the other men, including his father, were also in their underwear. Timmy looked at his dad innocently, his long eyelashes fluttering and his full lips curled up in an unintentional pout hoping he would not be made to remove the scant underpants.

But, luck was not on his side as Tim pointed to his underwear saying," Those too! You know the rules."

Timmy blushed as he pulled down his underwear. The four cops gathered around the dining room table sat up and took note as the briefs were lowered and Timmy's full, naturally smooth, low hanging nut sack became visible. There was a small patch of light blonde hair above his cock. Timmy stood next to the sofa. Directly in front of him was the dinning room table and his dad's men. Directly behind him on the wall was a 6' X 6' mirror so the men could see not only his large member but his oversized well shaped bottom in the mirror.

"Go get the paddle." ordered Tim.

Embarrassed Timmy lowered his head as he heard one of the cops snicker. He walked past the dinning room table and up the stairs, as he did every head, including his fathers turned to watch him walk. His large prick bounced up and down but more than that his large fleshy ass, looking completely out of place on his lean, tight frame jiggled as he moved…each step causing a ripple effect that started in the lower half of his ass and moving up the cheeks. The men were speechless.

It took seconds for Timmy to return with a small leather paddle, which he handed to Tim. When Tim first started spanking his eighteen year old son he would use a belt, a spatula or even a ping pong paddle. But as the spankings became a regular thing Tim went on line and bought a leather paddle from an S&M web site. He even pounded a nail into Timmy's bedroom wall and hung the paddle there as a reminder.

With the paddle Tim pointed to the left arm of the sofa and said, "Assume the position."

Timmy looked at him, his youthful eyes pleading.

"Now!" barked Tim with an authority that all his men had heard before. "And spread your legs wide."

Timmy gulped as he draped his lanky frame over the sofa arm. His large rear couldn't help but stick way up. He spread his legs wide as instructed. He felt a cool breeze blow across his clammy asshole. He blushed as he thought of the fact that his tight pink anus was displayed to not only his father but to half the Glendale police force. Though he didn't understand it, and would certainly never admit it there was a part of him that liked it. There was still that part of him that wanted to be treated like an adult but there was another more primal part that sort of got off on being exposed and humiliated like this.

At the same time Tim took in the site of his son in such a demeaning and humiliating position and had to admit, to himself alone, that he liked it. He didn't understand it but there was a part of him that got off on humiliating Timmy like this. And this was the first time that anyone else had witnessed it. The men seemed to be enjoying the display that father & son were putting on for them. Though he couldn't explain it and choose not to dwell on what this said about him Tim was very aroused as his thickening cock would tell.

CRACK! The leather paddle came down hard on Timmy's full, creamy, young ass cheeks. He let out a yelp. Johnson yelled out, "Yeah, teach him who's boss!" The other men laughed and puffed on their smelly cigars. Again Tim brought the paddle down hard on his son's fat ass causing it to quiver. Another yelp from Timmy and more laughter from the four off duty cops.

Timmy could see their reflection in the large mirror on the wall and he could hear their conversation behind him. Carter said, "Damn, has that kid got one fine fat ass." To which Johnson replied, "Tell me about it, what a full round shape." Then Morgan said, "Shaped just like a woman's." And then Wilkins added, "I wouldn't mind taking that from behind. My old lady never lets me in the back door." Then once again all four men laughed hard.

Timmy felt totally degraded having all these old men talk about him as if he wasn't even there. No, it was worse than that, it was if he were an object to be critiqued. His face turned flush from embarrassment and yet as much as he didn't understand it his cock got a little thicker.

Tim clomped down on his cigar as he raised the paddle high and brought it down fast. His son's plump bottom jiggled. Fuck, he loved that. Several pink strips crisscrossed Timmy's mammoth buns. Tim's cock was growing in his own scant underpants. He adjusted himself as he brought the paddle back down on Timmy again.

Timmy yelled out, "Daddy, I'm sorry!"

Daddy--that was a good sign. Timmy has stopped calling him Daddy when he was 10 years old and hadn't uttered the word again until a couple of months ago when Tim started spanking his 18 year old son. And for some reason Tim got off on the sense of power it gave him.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Once again Timmy looked in the mirror and watched his dad's friends witness his humiliation with delight. He locked eyes with Wilkins. Wilkins leered at him with a dirty grin, slowly chomping on his cigar, his right shoulder moving up and down slowly. Timmy's eyes followed the older man's arm down under the table and noticed that he was semi hard, his thick cock head peaking out the leg band of his thin blue boxers. He was slowly massaging his cock head with his index finger of his right hand. Timmy looked back at his face and the man smirked as if to say, "Yeah, I'm getting off on this. What are you gonna do about it?"

Timmy blushed and as much as he hated to admit it his cock stiffened a little more at the thought of this rugged man three times his age getting off on his shame.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Timmy's monster butt was on fire now and his cock fully erect as he thought about the show he was giving his dad and his dad's men. The pain was intense as Timmy called out, "Please Daddy stop! It hurts! I'll be a good boy!"

From behind him Timmy heard Morgan's voice mocking him, "Daddy, Daddy. Stop spanking my large bottom, it hurts. Ouch!" He then roared with laughter as the other men joined in.

Timmy blushed with shame but, his cock throbbed as Tim let loose another round of swats on his boy's glowing red butt. Timmy bit his knuckle to avoid screaming out in pain or worse crying. Then Tim stopped and ran his rough hand over Timmy's soft, smooth, well spanked booty. His asshole winked as he flinched under his father's touch.

"Stand up and turn around!" barked Tim as he pulled the cigar from his mouth.

Timmy followed instruction. He now stood before his father’s friends naked and fully erect, his 8 inch member bobbing up and down. The men made no secret of the fact that they were looking. Tim looked at his son's fat dong and said, "An erection, Timmy! This is supposed to be a punishment."

"I know Daddy; I'm sorry." whined Timmy.

"Do you get off on being spanked?"

"No, Daddy."

"Do you get off on being humiliated?"

"No, Daddy."

"Then do you get off on having my men witness your punishment?"

"No, Daddy."

"Then, why are you hard, boy?"

"I don't know, Daddy. I'm sorry.", whined Timmy.

"Well, sorry isn't good enough. Now go get your towel, Timmy and lay it on the floor.", ordered Tim.

"But, Daddy..." Timmy's eyes grew wide.

"No but's! Do it now young man!!!" bellowed the senior Collins.

Knowing he had no choice and knowing that he secretly enjoyed being spanked and humiliated by his father in front of his father's friends Timmy hurried off. As he ran from the room his too huge red ass rippled and shook. His heavy dong and heavy nut sack bounced.

Timmy returned seconds later with a large blue oversized beach towel and spread it out on the floor and then stood in the center of it, in his left hand he held a bottle of baby oil. The four men around the table watched noting that this was obviously something Timmy had done before.

Tim eyed up his broken son and said, "Now stroke it."

On cue Timmy popped open the baby oil and squeezed out a generous amount onto his throbbing member. He then sat the bottle down and began openly stroking.

By now all the men had their dicks out and were stroking. Even Carter had removed his jeans and pulled his cock out the side of his jock and was jacking it. Tim stood less then two feet from his son, his own 8.5 inch prick and massive balls pulled over the waistband of his miniscule bikini, stroking as he chomped on his cigar.

Tim encouraged his son softly under his breath, "That's it son. Stroke it."

Timmy's well oiled cock slide easily through his fist. He was really getting off being the center of attention.

Wilkins shouted out, "Let's see you pull on those baseball-sized nuts."

Timmy just kept stroking.

"You heard him." said his dad, "Tug on those big nuts, Son."

Tim did as instructed pulling on his nut sack as he stroked for his father and his father's men. He knew it wouldn't be long before he exploded. Timmy could feel ten eyes intently watching his every stroke. This humiliated and aroused him.

Being so fair complexioned Timmy's body was naturally hairless with the exception of a very light patch of pubes. His large round balls felt good as the oil he used to stroke his fat hog dripped onto the smooth skin of the his scrotum. Timmy moaned in ecstacy as the five older men watching shouted out words of encouragement to the blonde twink.

Timmy began to build a rhythm and picked up the pace. His bright red overstuffed ass cakes bounced up and down obscenely, their reflection visible in the mirror, as he pleasured himself before his father and the police officers like some $10 whore.

When he could hold off no longer Timmy said, "Daddy, I'm gonna cum!"

"Do it, Son--cum for Daddy."

At that the cum began to pour from Timmy's young fat prick in thick ropes. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven, thick spurts of warm white jizz spewed from the teen as his father & the officers cheered him on.

"Good boy, Timmy." said his father. "Now clean it up."

Timmy raised his cum covered fingers to his full pouty lips and began to suck his own jizz from them. He made love to his own hand as the five men watched. His father's friends were shocked to see what a cum hungry slut the twink was.

Once he was done Tim instructed his son to clean up the mess he had made on the towel. Timmy got down on all fours like some sex starved animal and began licking his own juices up from the towel. As he leaned forward his plump ass cheeks spread once more revealing his untapped ass pucker in the mirror.

As Timmy sucked and licked the towel his dad stood over him stroking his cock. It took less than 30 seconds before Tim let out a yell and his own seed came forth landing mainly on Timmy's back. A few landed in the 18 year olds white blonde hair. At seeing this Carter, Morgan, Johnson and Wilkins all let lose themselves. There own wads hitting the floor under the dining room table.

Then in unison and acting as if nothing strange had happened, all four men and Tim put their softening cocks back in their briefs. Tim looked down at Timmy, who was still "cleaning" up his mess and said, "Why don't you go into the kitchen and get everyone a cold beer."

"Yes, Daddy." said Timmy as he rose to his feet, his father's cum dripping off his back.

Tim took his seat at the table and the game resumed without a word. Timmy returned a few minutes later, still naked and cum covered, carrying five open beers on a tray. His cock was semi erect as he made his way around the table with the drinks. As he handed each man his drink each one groped his beefy buns in their rough manly hands and felt up his tender young ass without even asking. It was as if he was there for their amusement alone and had no say so. His father sat less than five feet away but didn't say a word. Timmy felt cheap and his prick began to stiffen again.

When Timmy got to Wilkins the older man not only felt him up butt allowed his middle finger to slip into the youth's asshole. Timmy let out a soft yelp as the 54 year old police officer fingered him like it was no big deal. Timmy was totally degraded and once again fully hard. Then without warning Wilkins finger popped from his tight hole and he took a beer from the tray and Timmy was dismissed with a wave of the older man's hand.

Tim was the last to take a beer, once he did he instructed Timmy to stand in the corner facing the wall to finish out his punishment. Timmy did as he was told; his humongous bottom shaking and bouncing as he walked.

The game went on for a couple more hours as Timmy stood there, his fat butt on display to the men. Every so often one of the guys would comment on the size and shape of his ass. At one point Johnson commented, "In its present red state and with all the jiggle Timmy's bottom resembles two heaping servings of cherry Jello." Again Timmy was beyond humiliated. And again it aroused him greatly. Some day he would have to analyze what that meant.

At the end of the night Tim was the big winner. The game broke up sometime after 11:00 and each officer mad his way home to his wife naked as the day he was born. It was a good thing they were cops or they would have all been run in for indecent exposure. As the last man left Tim shut the door and told Timmy he could go up to bed. As Timmy turned to go his father took note that the teen was still sporting a raging hard on, 'Damn he's a little pervert.’ thought Tim. But he didn't comment because he too was a pervert and enjoyed humiliating Timmy as much as the youth enjoyed being humiliated. He too would have to analyze what this meant someday--but not today.

That night Timmy stroked off another load before he went to sleep thinking about all the humiliation he had been forced to endure that night. As he drifted off to sleep Timmy wondered what new humiliation he would have to endure the next time he got into trouble and as he did his cock got hard once more.

The End


  1. Of course, I like this story too. This situation is very exciting, humiliating of a boy with bubble butt in front of friends of his dad. What a free show for the friends! „He blushed as he thought of the fact that his tight pink anus was displayed to not only his father but to half the Glendale police force.”

    And my favourite moment: the naked serving! The adult men grope bubble butt of the son of their chief, then Wilkins slips his middle finger in the virgin asshole. What an erotic evening!

    I read in the Title: Part 1. I wait Part 2 very much. In my fantasy there is a sequel, a role swap. Dad lost the game. What was the bet? The loser getting spanked and fucked by the other cops! Timmy's dad has got a bubble butt, like his son. I imagine that situation, in which there are more fingers in this ass at the same time, maybe a double fuck. What a situation: double dick in the mouth of the chief, and double dick in his ass. Of course Timmy enjoys the role swap, because he thinks his father was too severe with him.

  2. Yes, Vladimir, I do have plans for more in this series as I do with many of my series. I really need to sit down and work on some new stuff. You raise some interesting ideas for Tim & Timmy. I had not planned on going that way but now that you mention it I may go there at some point. But, not just yet. I have some more humiliation in mind for young Timmy first.

    1. Dear BubbleButtLuvr!

      Please, sit down and write new stories as soon as possible. :))
      I wait for your new stories very much. Yes, you are right, Timmy needs more humiliation before the punishment of his dad.

      Your fan,