Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Andre: Teasing The Landlord

by BubbleButtLuvr

Andre had only been in The States for a little over a year. He had spent the first 33 years of his life in Quebec, and the last nine of those working as an executive for Alphonse Publishing Co. When his company decided to branch out and open a new office in the U.S.A. in New York City Andre was their first choice. He was a good worker and dedicated.

Andre talked the possibility of moving to The States over with his girlfriend of 4 years, Nicole. And as much as they both hated the idea of leaving behind friends and family they both knew the opportunity was too great to pass up so the packed and made their way to New York City.

Spending their entire lives in French speaking Canada neither spoke English very well. But both were quick studies and before the move they were both speaking the language very well. It didn't take long for Nicole to find a position in her chosen profession, nursing, either.

Andre & Nicole found an apartment to rent in a converted brownstone. The rooms were spacious and the rent reasonable. It didn't take long for the couple to settle in. Andre even became friend of sorts with their landlord Fred. He and his wife, Ming lived in apartment on the first floor and Fred was always dropping by to ask Andre for help with little projects.

Fred usually stopped by when Ming was out on some errands and Nicole was at work. Andre didn't notice this at first but after a month or two he began to notice a pattern. It almost started to feel to him as if Fred were trying to make up excusing to be alone with him. But Fred was married. He couldn't be gay? Could he? And he knew that Nicole & Andre were a couple. So, he had to know Andre was straight as well. Right?

But, then Fred never actually came onto him. It was more in the way Fred looked at him. And more than once Andre had caught Fred eyeing up his ass. This was not so uncommon though. At 34 years of age Andre was a very handsome man. He had light brown hair and eyes that sparkled. They actually appeared to change color from yellow to green. At 5'10" and 190 lbs Andre was built solid with meat in all the right places. Though people most often told Andre what beautiful eyes he had it was his full fleshy ass he heard them most discussing when they thought he wasn't listening.

But this never bothered Andre. In fact he enjoyed it. He was very proud of his large overly round bottom and loved to show it off. Though straight he enjoyed the attention his big butt got him from women & men alike. He loved it when he heard people talk about how plump and round his ass was. He actually got off on it. Every time he heard someone say, 'That ass is so full and meaty' or 'His ass is shaped like a woman's', Andre would feel a stirring in his groin. He even went so far as to have all of his pants specially tailored just to make sure they hugged his huge ass curves seductively.

Once Andre caught on that Fred was looking to spend some time alone with him and using home repair projects as his excuse and after he had caught his 48 year old landlord ogling his over stuffed man cakes Andre decided that it would be fun to tease his perverted old landlord.

Andre liked to relax around the apartment in his underwear. Being as proud of his big booty as he was Andre liked to wear very scant little bikini briefs to show it off. They made him feel sexy and Nicole never complained about the way his large melons poured from the leg bands of the scant undergarments. In the beginning when Fred would show up at the door Andre would throw on a robe or slip into a pair of sweat pants but over time Andre decided to tease the landlord so he began opening the door in just his tiny little briefs. In fact on more than one occasion when Fred had stopped by Andre had been fully clothed and stripped down to his underpants just to tease the man.

The first time Andre answered the door like this he thought poor Fred was gonna have a heart attack. Andre was wearing lime green bikini briefs that resembled posing trunks that body builders wear. Fred's eyes popped wide open and his mouth fell open. But Andre played it cool talking to the landlord as if they way he were dressed were the most normal thing in the world.

Over the course of time Fred saw Andre in quit an assortment of underwear. Andre would find ways to turn his back to the landlord or bend over letting the tiny underwear ride up on his large buttocks, all the while knowing that he was teasing perverted old Fred. Sometimes Andre would ask Fred to wait while he put some clothes on. Then he would leave the bedroom door open with his back to it so the landlord could watch him wiggle his gigantic fanny into some jeans that were way too tight for his over sized bottom. Andre would chuckle to himself as he heard Fred's breathing quicken.

These little sessions became the norm with Fred and although it was never discussed between them both men seemed to be getting something from these encounters. Then one night things took a turn. Ming was out with her mother & Nicole was working late. Andre was lounging around the apartment wearing a tight white lycra T shirt and skimpy white cotton bikini briefs. The briefs were so small and Andre's ass so large that the undergarment was stretched to the limit. The white cotton almost appeared to be see thru. There was a knock at the door. Not that Andre was surprises. He knew Ming was out so he figured Fred would stop up.

Andre answered the door in just his T shirt and itty bitty bikini briefs. His beefy ass ballooned way out and the tiny garment rode up high on it exposing much of his milky white ass checks, which were dusted with a light coating of brown hair. As expected it was Fred saying that he had a light bulb that had burnt out and that when he was changing it the bulb broke. He wanted Andre to help him get the broken bulb out.

"Sure," said Andre. "Come on in. Just give me a minute."

Fred entered and Andre closed the door behind. Fred eyed up Andre in the small underwear. His cock head was visible through the thin material. The underpants wear so small that Andre's cock looked as if it would burst free at any moment--even though he was still completely flaccid. Then Andre turned his back on his old landlord revealing just how scant the underwear really was. Most of his voluptuous ass was pouring from the leg bands. Andre decided to tease Fred as he pulled the underwear free from between the dark valley of his massive ass mountains. Fred audibly gulped.

Andre entered the bedroom saying, "Let me find something to wear." The bedroom was right across from the living room and if the door was left open you could see right in. Andre left the door open so he could put on a show for Fred. He stood in front of his dresser and bent at the waist without bending his knees. This caused his blimp like ass to jute way out and the underwear he had just freed to slide back between the meaty confines of his ass cheeks.

While bent over like this, Andre wiggled his behemoth booty from side to side as he looked through the drawer for something to put on. Andre could hear Fred moved closer to the bedroom door for a better view. The miniscule underwear really was stretched to the limit. Fred could see the dark valley of Andre's ass crack and licked his lips.

Finally Andre straightened up and said, "You know what, I'll just throw my robe on. No point in getting all dressed just to remove a broken light bulb." With that he grabbed a thin white silk robe and slipped it on. The robe was rather short only coming about mid thigh and when the light hit it just the right way it, like Andre's underwear, became see thru.

Andre led the way to Fred's apartment making sure to walk slowly so as to give Fred a good show, allowing his landlord to watch his Herculean bottom wiggle and shake as he walked. Once inside Fred's apartment the older man led Andre to the bedroom and pointed to a ladder he had set up saying, "It's over there."

Andre made his way over to the ladder and climbed up it. Fred took his place at the bottom of the ladder and handed Andre a pair of needle nose pliers. Andre reached up over his head and began attempting to remove the broken bulb. As he raised his arms the robe rode up with the hem resting just below his monstrous ass. From his vantage point Fred could see straight up Andre's robe. His big meaty cheeks were just a few feet from the landlord's face. Fred stared at the younger man's over sized behind and delighted every time Andre moved because as he did his bottom would jiggle and shake. This greatly excited Fred.

Andre's sheer white briefs appeared to be gobbled up by his gargantuan behind. Fred loved the way his ass seemed to be making a meal of the scant underpants. Andre was of course well aware of the show he was giving Fred. From time to time he'd change position on the ladder either spreading his legs wide apart or bending slightly to give the man a good view.

Though the robe was short the sleeves were long and they kept getting in Andre's way. Fred took note of this and decided to push the envelope saying, "I notice that the long sleeves of your robe keep getting in your way. Why don't you take it off so you won't have so much difficulty?"

Andre smiled to himself and thought, 'Pervert.' but said, "That's a good idea." Still standing on the ladder Andre untied his robe and let it slip from his shoulders. It landed on Fred's head. Fred took in Andre's scent quickly before taking the robe and laying it on the sofa. He then returned to his post below the ladder where Andre now stood in just his tight white lycra T shirt and thin cotton undies. The underwear were wedged so far between his full buttocks that they resembled a thong.

Andre continued to wiggle his ass as he worked giving Fred a free show. Andre wobbled slightly on the ladder. "Woh!!!" said Fred. "Hear let me help brace you." With that Fred came up behind Andre and took hold of him just below the waist so that his hands were touching the top part of Andre's well padded booty. Andre smiled again thinking, 'Pervert' but saying, "Thanks."

Fred's face was now inches from Andre's meaty rump. So close that Andre could feel Fred's warm breath on his full backside. And Fred was breathing heavy. As Andre worked on the light bulb Fred began to work on Andre's ass. He allowed his thumbs to dig into the top of Andre's butt. Kneading it like dough. This went on for a few minutes before Fred lowered his hands the whole while continuing to work Andre's plump rump. 'Pervert', thought Andre as he smiled to himself continuing the pretense of removing the light bulb.

As time went by he allowed his hands to move lower and lower down Andre's round backside so that by now both of the younger man's enormous ass pillows were resting in his landlord's hands. Fred was now openly feeling up his tenant. He moved in closer and began rubbing his left cheek along Andre's meaty posterior. Fred was so caught up with lust for the younger man's ass that he didn't even care that he was being so brazen. Andre pushed back into Fred's face.

Fred began to softly kiss Andre's elephantine rear. Neither man spoke a word but both knew that the other was getting something from this situation. Fred continued kissing every inch of Andre's ass and feeling up his huge melons as he did so. Fred had fantasized about this for so long now the fantasy was a reality.

Andre too had fantasized about having his ass worshiped. He certainly loved the attention. But, he was conflicted fantasy was one thing but reality was another. He was straight and in a committed relationship but yet here he was letting another man kiss and caress his voluptuous buns. Just as he began questioning this he felt Fred's warm tongue licking his plump bottom. Fred's hands made their way to the waist band of Andre's briefs. He pulled them down in back exposing Andre's completely bare backside for the first time. Fred pulled the briefs down to just under his tenant’s ass cheeks so that his full bottom was on display. He then continued to worship Andre's big butt.

Andre soon forgot about his misgivings and just gave in allowing Fred to fulfill his ass worship fantasy. Fred began to playfully slap Andre's ass to watch it jiggle. Andre moaned. How he loved to have his ass spanked. Nicole had done it a few times but didn't really seem to get into it and Andre didn't want her to think he was a pervert so he never made an issue of it. But in truth he loved to have his big booty spanked. He loved the way it felt when his ass jiggled. He loved the sting. He had spanked himself a few times but it wasn't quit the same.

Hearing Andre's moan of ecstasy Fred picked up on this and began slapping his ass harder and faster. Andre had stopped the pretense of home repair by this point and was laying over the ladder holding onto the other side. His cock was at full mast and still encased in his briefs, which were still pulled up in front. Fred loved the way Andre's ass quivered with each swat of his hand.


Fred began spanking Andre like there was no tomorrow. Neither man spoke a word but they were so in sync they didn't have to. The approval was obvious even without words. Fred delighted in seeing his pink hand print on Andre's lily white ass.


Fred let loose with another round of swats covering every inch of Andre's basketball like butt. Then he began to rub Andre's cheeks slowly to take out the burn. He used both hands and rubbed softly before prying the colossal glutes apart. Andre's virgin ass hole winked at him. Fred allowed his tongue to dart out quickly and lap against Andre's tight balloon knot. Andre's pink eye tensed and winked back but he enjoyed it and Fred went in for more.

Spreading Andre's cheeks with both hands he buried his face deep inside the young man, his warm tongue entering Andre's hot tight hole; allowing his tongue to fuck his tenant. Andre threw his head back and moaned with pleasure. Fred worked his tongue for all it was worth. Andre pushed back. He was getting a rim job for the first time in his life by another man and not only that but he was about to cum as a result.

Pushing back into Fred's face, Andre let out a scream of ecstasy as his cock erupted filling his briefs with warm sticky juices. Fred felt Andre's asshole tighten around his pink tongue as he exploded and at feeling this he too lost it as his own balls drained of their love goo staining the front of his trousers.

From out in the next room came the sound of a key in a lock. "Ming." whispered Fred. There was the sound of the front door opening and footsteps as Ming entered the living room. She called out to Fred but he did not answer. Slowly her footsteps came down the hall until she stood in the doorway of the bedroom where Fred & Andre were.

Fred had pulled his shirt tail out to cover his cum stained pants and Andre had pulled his briefs up in back and slipped back into his robe. So, the only thing Ming saw when she entered the room was both men standing below the ladder looking up at the broken light bulb.

Pretending not to see or hear Ming Andre said, "Sorry, Fred. I can't seem to get it out either."

Ming spoke, "What's wrong?"

Pretending to just now realize she had come home Fred said, "Oh, honey I didn't hear you come in. I was changing the light bulb and it broke. Andre was nice enough to come down and try to help me." Then to Andre he said, "Thanks for your help anyway."

"No problem," said Andre as he turned to leave. Both Fred and Ming watched Andre as he exited the room and made his way to the front door. His big butt waddle as he walk and husband and wife both enjoyed the view until he was gone.

The End

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