Sunday, May 6, 2012

Harry: The Deal

by BubbleButtLuvr

"No way in hell!" Harry said as he got out of Jenny's bed and made his way across her dorm room.

"Come on," pleaded Jenny who was still in bed under the covers.

Shaking his head no, Harry bent down to pick his briefs from where he had thrown them on the floor the night before. He then began to work the small black cotton undergarment up over his well muscled thighs, pulling it over his smooth round buttocks. He then tugged on the back of the scant garment to cover as much of his ample backside as was possible. Truth be told not much was covered. Harry was very muscular and beefy with thick thighs that worked themselves up to an ass that ballooned out in back. He also had massive arms and a huge chest that worked down into a set of 6 pack abs. Nestled comfortably inside the small bikini briefs that the exhibitionistic Harry choose to wear was a nice 7 inch piece of cut meat. "It's not gonna happen. End of discussion!" he said.

"But why not?" pouted Jenny. "I mean look at the underwear you have on now. They're not much bigger than my panties. And I think it would be so hot to know, when I pass you in the hall between classes or when we meet for lunch, that you are wearing one of my thongs."

Harry couldn't help but blush. It was true his choice in underwear was very minimal. He couldn't help it. It's what he liked. Truthfully, he liked the attention and looks he got. Harry was an exhibitionist and had a great body so he didn't mind flaunting it. And on top of that he was bisexual so he liked it when guys in the locker room stared at his massive frame crammed into the skimpy little underpants he wore. Sometimes if a guy paid him lots of attention Harry would go out of his way to give the guy an extra good show bending and sticking his meaty rump out far, sometimes inches from the guy’s face. But all the while pretend as though he didn't know what he was doing.

Still the underwear that Harry chose to wear was men's underwear. He had never worn women's panties. The whole idea embarrassed him. And what if someone saw him in them? "Jenny, you know I like to please you but it just too...embarrassing. What if someone saw?"

"Who is going to see? You don't have football practice today do you?"

"No." Harry admitted.

"So then why can't you do it for me?" Jenny rose from her bed wrapping the sheet around her naked form and approached Harry. "Please?" She ran a manicured finger down his chest and looked at him with sad puppy dog pouty eyes.

"Jennyyyyy," Harry whined.

Jenny made her way to her dresser and opened her underwear drawer. She pulled out a lacy white thong so sheer it was see thru. "I'll make you a deal. If you wear this all day until our date tonight I'll do that thing you've been asking me to do."

Harry's eyes got big and Jenny knew she had him right where she wanted him. Jenny didn't have to say any more. The thing she spoke of was oral sex. Harry had been trying, ever since their relationship became sexual to get Jenny to give him a blow job, but she never would. Now she would if he only spent one day in her thong panties. Harry looked at the sheer garment and thought of how good it would feel to have Jenny's lips on his prick. He reached out for the panties and took them in his hand. They were so thin.

Harry didn't even say a word. He pulled his own black bikini briefs back down over his monster thighs and kicked them aside. He then stepped into Jenny's thong and pulled it up. He got it to his thighs and stopped. "It's too small to get over my thighs." "Come on. Wiggle into it, if you don't I won't give you a blow job."

That's all the encouragement that Harry needed. He started to wiggled and squirm fighting to get the lacy panties over his tree like thighs. He fought with the thong until it was over his thighs. He then pulled the thin strap in back up between his fleshy mountains of ass. He had to admit the sheer material felt good. Next he tried to stuff his balls and cock into the front of the sexy thong but it was hopeless. If he got his dick in his balls popped out the leg band and if he got his balls in then his cock popped out the waistband. Finally Harry had to settle to let his left nut hang out the side of the panties. He stood there arms at his side and said, "There are you happy?"

Jenny took in the sight of her big strong man dressed in nothing but her sexy white lace panties, his left nut hanging out and his manhood clearly visible through the material. She circled him to drink in the whole sight. The thin white band of material was buried deep within his ass mounds almost making them appear to stick out further, as if that were possible. "Very nice," she responded. "Now we better get a move on or we'll be late for class."

As she disappeared into the bathroom Jenny called out, "And remember wear it all day or I won't give you your blow job!"

Harry knew he had been beaten but at least he would get what he had been wanting for so long. He glanced at the clock and saw Jenny was right so he dressed quickly and headed out of Jenny's dorm room and to class, the thin material brushing against his ass hole as a reminder that he was wearing his girlfriend’s thong.

The day progressed normally. Of course Harry was constantly aware of the thong, between his left nut hanging out and the massage his ass hole was getting how could he forget. But one else knew except for Jenny, who told him at lunch how horny it made her to know he was wearing her panties.

The end of the day came and Harry was about to head back to his dorm when he ran into Carl.

"Where you headed?" asked Carl.

"Back to the dorm; I figured I'd study a little before my date with Jenny."

"Didn't you hear? Coach Michaels called a special meeting in the locker room today." said Carl.

"No I didn't. What time?"

"In ten minutes," said Carl. "Good thing I ran into you. Come on let’s head over."

Harry felt a lump in his throat. Carl said a meeting not a practice right? As long as it was just a meeting he was safe. But there was no way he could strip down and change into his practice gear in front of the guys. They'd see Jenny's frilly thong. "You did say meeting not an actually practice, right?"

"Yeah," answered Carl. "That's what Coach said."

Harry relaxed. "Okay. Let's go."

Harry and Carl made it to the locker room just as the meeting was beginning. Coach Michaels looked at them as said, "Nice to see you two could make it."

Not a good sign thought Harry. Coach was in a bad mood. He knew better than to make excuses with Coach so he just joined the group.

"As I was saying", continued Coach Michaels, "Your playing has been awful! Last week’s game was an embarrassment! I know we don't usually practice on Tuesdays but I think we need the extra practice so that is why I called you all together--to whip you all into shape."

No, thought Harry, this can't be. We can't be having a practice. Harry's mind began to race. How would he get out of this situation? He spoke up, "Coach. I can't practice today. I didn't even know about this meeting until ten minutes ago."

Coach Michaels looked at Harry with disgust, "And why can't you practice? You are one of the main reasons we are here. You played worse than anyone! If you don't practice you don't play. It's that simple."

"But Coach…"

"That's it. The choice is yours. Now everyone strip down and suit up!" bellowed the Coach.

Harry was left with no choice. He was here on a football scholarship. He couldn't be thrown off the team. He'd just have to try and change without anyone seeing the thong. All the men began to disrobe and were engaged in their own conversations. Coach Michaels stood about 8 feet behind Harry, leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms. Harry could tell that Coach was not pleased with him. But Harry wished that Coach Michaels would go away. He felt uncomfortable being watched like this. Normally Harry would not have cared. He would have even put on an exhibitionistic show but today was different. Today he was wearing a sheer lacy thong that was see-thru and he didn't want anyone to know. Harry stalled as long as he could. His T-shirt was long so he figured if he took his pants off first maybe the shirt would cover the thong. Still he wished the Coach would turn away.

The entire team had changed and Harry was still fully dressed. The door the Coach was blocking was the door out of the locker room. It was obvious that the Coach was pissed so no one wanted to ask him to move instead one by one each man gathered at the door and waited as they finished dressing until the only man left was Harry. Coach Michaels spoke up, "Well, we're waiting Harry!"

Harry responded, "You guys head out. I'll meet you on the field."

The Coach had had it, "That's it. I don't know what's up with you! You are not acting like yourself. We will all wait here for you Harry! It seems that you have forgotten how to undress. So let me instruct you! Pull your T-shirt up over your head!

"I think I'd rather start with my pants."

"What?" snapped Coach Michaels. "Enough with the games Harry. Pull your shirt off. NOW!!!!!"

Harry was cornered. He felt the eyes of all his teammates and his Coach on him. He knew he had no choice. He pulled his T-shirt up over his head and off, exposing his well defined chest.

"Good. Now kick off your shoes!"

Harry kicked his shoes off. He felt his chest tightens because he knew what was next.

"Okay", sneered the Coach. "Now your pants."

"Please no!" pleaded Harry. "Just let me meet you on the field! Please!"

"I don't know what your game is but if you don't remove those jeans right now you’re out!!!" barked the Coach.

"No. Okay. Okay. I'm sorry," Harry closed his eyes as he undid the button on his jeans. He found the top of the zipper and pulled it down slowly hoping something would happen that would stop this but it didn't. Harry placed his hands on the waist of his jeans and pulled them down. He could feel his teammates’ eyes burning into him as he undressed for them. There was an audible gasp from the group of men. Even Coach Michaels jaw dropped. Now big muscle jock Harry stood before his peers and his coach in nothing but a see-thru lace thong. Harry's hands went to his groin to cover himself.

Coach Michaels spoke first, "What the fu... Arms at your sides! What the fuck are you wearing?!"

Harry blushed from embarrassment as he let his arms fall to his side. His prick was clearly visible through the thin lace and his left nut was still hanging out. "It's my girlfriend’s."

That got a huge laugh from the crowd. Then Coach Michaels asked, "Well, does she know you’re wearing it?!" That got another laugh.

"Yes. It was her idea. Look she said if I did she'd give me head. I've never done this before but she wanted me to and since we weren't supposed to have practice I figured who'd know?" Harry just blurted everything out in one breath.

Even Coach Michaels was starting to laugh at this point. "Turn around."

"What, Sir?"

"You heard me!" snapped the Coach, "Turn around."

Humiliated, Harry turn as instructed and another roar of laughter erupted. His ass stuck out at least 4 inches in back. The thin band of lace disappeared in between his mountains of ass flesh and all of his teammates were able to see his bare butt hanging out. This was the first time Harry ever felt uncomfortable being on display. Coach Michaels just slapped Harry hard on his rock hard buns and said, "Get dressed and meet us on the field." The he ushered the team out to the field.

Harry changed and joined the team. The rest of practice the guys couldn't help but rib him about the lace thong panties. And that night when he met up with Jenny he told her the story which she found strangely erotic. She kept making him tell the tale and saying that it made her hot to think of him exposed like that before all his teammates. Women.

Jenny did end up giving Harry head that night but the whole time all Harry could think was how much better his teammate Carl was at giving head than Jenny was.

The End.

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