Sunday, May 20, 2012

Brad: Spanked By His Girlfriend's Father, Part 3

by BubbleButtLuvr

As Brad Tomkins drove along he couldn't believe his good luck. It was just one short week ago that Lana told him she never wanted to see him again and then this morning she called and said she wanted to see him this evening. It was on their last date that she decided that she didn't want to see him again. He had tried to force himself on her; she slapped him and stormed out of his dorm room as she announced that he need not bother calling her ever again. Obviously she had come to her senses. She must have reconsidered. This had to mean he was gonna get to nail her.

How could she help but want him, he thought, as he looked as his reflection in the rear view mirror and push a lock of his sandy brown hair off his forehead. Brad never had trouble attracting attention from the ladies or men for that matter. He had classic good looks, was a college wrestling star with a muscular tight body, and a dazzling smile. And he had the biggest, hottest, roundest ass. Heads would turn as he passed just to get a glimpse of his beefy butt muffins.

As Brad pulled up in front of Lana's house he noticed her father's car in the drive. Lana's father was a Professor at the College Brad attended. Professor Adams taught History and Brad was making sure to avoid his class at all costs. The word was that Professor Adams was the toughest Professor on campus. "Oh, well," thought Brad. "I guess we'll be going back to my dorm room for some fun."

Brad pulled up next to the curb and got out. He made his way up the walk, his massive ass encased in a tight pair of Calvin Klein jeans dancing with each movement he made. His tight white T-shirt was tucked into his jeans so his ass was on display for all to see. He rang the bell and Professor Adams answered.

"Brad, come in."

"Thank you Professor Adams.", said Bard as the Professor stepped aside to allow him to enter. "Is Lana ready, Sir?"

"Why don't you go have a seat in the living room? I'd like to have a little talk with you," was the Professor's response.

Brad entered the living room followed by Lana's father, his big ass bouncing with each movement as he did so. When Brad turned to sit he could have swore he saw the Professor staring at his ass but he wasn't certain. Brad sat on the couch and Professor Adams sat across from him in an easy chair.

The Professor began to speak, "To be honest with you I asked Lana to call you here tonight."

"Oh?" said Brad with a puzzled look on his face.

"Yes. Lana tells me you two had a bit of a disagreement last week. Actually she tells me you tried to force yourself on her, sexually.

Brad could feel his face blush. He couldn't believe that she had told her Dad that. And now he was being called on it. "Sir, I never meant to give your daughter unwanted attention. It was just a misunderstanding."

"Oh, I think you meant everything you did," said the Professor. "I've seen you around campus. You’re cocky and full of yourself. You think every woman wants you. And I'll have to admit you’re a fine looking young man and many women probably do want you. The problem is my daughter did and you tried to force your desires on her. That's where you made your mistake. Now I have two choices. I could inform the University of your activities. In which case you'll probably be kicked off the wrestling team. If that happens you'll lose your scholarship. Or I could take care of matters myself. You make the choice."

Brad thought about this for a moment. He couldn't lose his scholarship and he knew Professor Adams was tough enough to take this matter all the way. What did he mean by ‘take care of matters himself?’ "Well, I guess I'd rather we took care of this between us, Sir."

"That's what I thought. That's why I asked Lana to step out for a while. Now stand up."

Brad stood as he was told.

"Fine. Now when all of my children were growing up if they were to act up I would give them a good sound spanking," stated the Professor.

All of a sudden Brad saw where this was going. It wasn't the first time he had been in this situation. Now the Professor was going to use this as an excuse to ogle and fondle his hot ass. But considering the alternative what choice did he have.

"Now I want you to strip down to your underwear."

Brad blushed again, "Do I have to strip? Can't you just do it over my pants?"

"No!" stated the Professor. "Those jeans will give you too much protection. Strip NOW!"

Brad knew he had no choice so he started by pulling his tight white T-shirt over his head exposing his rippled stomach and big pecs. He then pulled of his boots and went to undo his belt. All of a sudden he stopped and looked at the Professor as if to say, "Please don't make me do this." Lana's Father just stared at him with a stern look so Brad continued to disrobe. He unbuckled his belt and undid the button on his jeans.

He then pulled the zipper down slowly as Professor Adams watched. He then began to peel the tight jeans off. He had to struggle a little to get them over his massive cheeks. Finally he did and pulled them off.

Now Brad stood before his girlfriend's Father in nothing but a pair of white calf length socks and a leopard print thong. Brad always had trouble finding underwear to fit his big ass. Boxers offered no support. And most briefs were too tight and rode up his massive cheeks anyway. So a thong seemed to be the obvious choice for him. However, if he knew he was going to be forced to strip in front of Lana's Father he would have wore something else.

As Brad stood there he felt even more exposed in his little thong than he would have even if he had been naked. His big butt sticking out from the little material of the thong made Brad feel vulnerable.

"Okay," spoke the Professor. "Now bend over the arm of the sofa and stick that big ass up high in the air."

Once again Brad blushed as he turned his back on the Professor showing his meaty jock ass to him as he bent over the arm of the sofa. Professor Adams came up behind him and rubbed his firm young ass. Then he pulled a leather strap out from underneath the sofa.

Thwack! Brad jumped up as he felt the sting of the leather strap against his thong-clad ass. Professor Adams pushed him back down saying, "Hold still!"

Professor Adams brought the strap back down on Brad's tender ass causing Brad to scream in pain. Lana's Dad continued to strap the poor young man watching his big firm jock ass turn from white to pink with each swat. The pain was intense and Brad couldn't help but squirm and as he did so his meaty ass wiggled seductively.

As Brad squirmed his leopard print pouch dug into the arm of the chair. As much as his ass hurt Brad had to admit that he was becoming aroused. He could feel his cock stir and grow. With each whack brad could feel his Dick get harder and harder. Now it was popping out of the waistband of the skimpy thong.


Brad's big melons were now turning from pink to red. "Oh! Please Professor STOP!!! I'm sorry! I BEG you!" pleaded Brad.

"Take it like a man, Brad!" ordered the Professor.

"But, Sir if you don't stop I'm gonna cum!!!"

"What!? You Pervert!" and with that the Professor began the strap Brad harder.

Brad began to kick and squirm. And much to his surprise and shame he could feel tears forming in his eyes. THWACK! With that last hit Brad lost it and the tears came rolling down his cheeks. And if that wasn't enough he could feel a stirring in his balls. He knew it was only seconds before he shot his load but he no longer cared the release would be great.

Professor Adams continued to whip the youth watching his big sexy ass jump with each swat. And as Brad jumped his big dick would grind into the arm of the sofa. THWACK! came the next hit. Brad screamed, "Oh, YEAH!" And with that he blew his load. He could feel the warm goo shoot from his dick and out onto the Professor’s sofa. Brad tensed up clenching his massive ass cheeks.

The Professor stopped spanking Brad, "Stand up Mr. Tomkins."

Brad did as he was told. That's when the Professor noticed that Brad had shot his load. Professor Adams was furious. "I want you to get dressed and get the fuck out of my house! You are never to come near Lana again or you can expect more of the same. And I better not hear anymore stories involving you or any other female students either!"

Brad hung his head, "Yes, sir." His cock was beginning to soften but still sticking out of his leopard print thong. Brad was covered in his own cum as he pushed his dick back into the little thong and struggled to get his massive ass back into his jeans. He pulled his shirt and boots on and without a word turned and left Lana's father sitting in the living room.

The whole ride home Brad could feel his as stinging but more than that he could feel a stirring in his jeans again. Maybe this getting spanked wasn't so bad after all.

The End

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