Friday, April 8, 2016

Barry's Big Butt Revenge

by BubbleButtLuvr

Barry had had a love/hate relationship with his butt for as long as he could remember. There wasn't a time he could think of where his bottom wasn't much larger than average. And as he got older it just seemed to grow and grow even more. Then last year after a knee injury that laid him up for several months his ass grew to mythic proportions.

It now measured at an incredible 45" and still seemed to be growing. It was round and curvy resembling a woman's booty more than a man's. It was so big it dimpled and jiggled wildly as if it had a mind of its own. In fact it was so large that Barry hadn't even been able to wear traditional undergarments since he was 19. If they fit in the waist then they were too tight in the seat and would split out. If they fit in the seat then they were way too large in the waist. Finally Barry just started wearing jock straps on a daily basis. They gave him needed support in front but with an open back his butt was not so constricted.

As long as he could remember his over sized derrière got him attention.  When he was younger his cousins both female and male wanted to play doctor all the time with him as the patient and his big cheeks the focus of the examination. Uncles would always give his ample backside an inappropriate squeeze when giving him a hug. Teachers would brush up against it "accidentally".

The most blatant experience he'd ever had with a teacher was during his last year of high school. Barry was 18 and his teacher was probably in his mid 30's. Barry had stopped showering Ayer gym because the other guys had started bullying him in the locker room. They'd call him names like hog ass and elephant butt. They'd slap his big bum and laugh or take his clothes leaving him in just a towel. They'd then rip this from his body leaving him with just his hands to cover his manhood for modesty. The would then laugh at the shape of his body. His thick thighs and rounded hips. And of course his ridiculously fat ass never escaped ridicule.

Then they'd play a game of keep away with his clothes. They would toss them back and forth as a naked Barry ran around trying to get them back. He'd jump up as his pants flew by but he'd never catch them. The other guys would laugh wildly as his huge melons jiggled when he jumped. Eventually it would end and they'd give him back his clothes leaving him to dress in shame as they called him names and oinked at him for having a sows ass. So he just stopped showering.

Then one day Coach Parker called him into his office after gym class. The coaches office was right in the locker room so Barry made his way in and closed the door. The coach told him he'd noticed that Barry was not showering and wanted to know why. Barry told Coach Parker how the boys had been sexually bullying him and that is why he stopped. He figured if he could change while they were in the shower he could avoid their abuse.

The coach let him know that he wound talk with his classmates but that he was required to shower as it was a school rule. To meet this requirement and have Barry separate from his classmates Coach Parker agreed to let Barry use the private shower in his office. It was a stand up stall off to the side.

That day Coach Parker made Barry strip right there for his first shower as he watched. Barry found this odd but the coach explained since he had not been showering after gym class he was now required to monitor Barry. This made no sense to the 18 year old but he complied. He could feel the coaches eyes drilling into him as he undressed. And when he turned to head to the shower he could have sworn that he heard the coach chuckle.

There was no curtain or door on the stall it was wide open and Coach Parker stood right outside the stall and watched Barry shower. In fact he instructed him on how to shower. He'd say things like, "Don't forget that big butt. Spread those fat cheeks wide and get between them. I'm sure they sweat quit a lot." This was even worse than the bullying he suffered at the hands of his classmates. He felt like he was giving his perverted coach a free show. He imagined the older man jacking off each night thinking about these private shower shows. And while the idea of someone stroking it to his ass did not bother Barry at all he wanted it to be on his terms.

Barry had realized for a few years now that he was gay. But if someone was getting off to his ass he wanted it to be part of something loving and reciprocal. Not because they viewed him as a circus freak and got off on his shame.

This went on for several weeks. The last straw came the day Coach Parker made him finger himself as he showered. He said, "Barry, that ass looks extra sweaty. I think you need to insert a finger and make sure it's good and clean." But one was not enough then the coach wanted two. Then three. Barry told him he felt clean and it wasn't needed but Coach Parker blocked the stall so he could not get out. He insisted Barry do as he was told. So Barry did because he felt he had no choice. By the time the teen got the third finger in he was whimpering and begging Coach Parker to let him stop saying, "Oh God Coach please let me stop. I'm clean." But the perverted coach forced him to keep finger banging himself to ensure he got ever crevasse.

After the whole humiliating shower Barry turned to see The front of Coach Parker's shorts wet with cum. At that point he told the coach he'd go back to showering with the other guys. He made up some excuse about things being better. The next day the locker room bullying resumed but at least he was no longer giving his gym teacher a private peep show.

Things like this happened his whole life. More than once he'd been openly fondled on a crowed subway. Or had some pervert follow him down the street filming his huge ass as he walked. And in theory all of these things sounded hot when he saw them in videos but in real life it was another story. He felt violated and abused. He was left to feel like a freak just because of the size of his ass.

Even sexual partners and boyfriends saw his as just a freakishly large ass and not a person. One guy wanted to write WIDE LOAD on his ass while he pounded him. Another wanted him to oink like a pig as he fucked Barry. Countless guys wanted him to dominate then by sitting on their face and bouncing as he force fed them his ass. Another guy wanted him to crawl around on the floor naked with his big cheeks aimed high as he made them jiggle. He wanted Barry to degrade himself by talking about what a big obscene ass he had and how he deserved to be punished and put in his place for having such a plump feminine rump.

And at the end of the day Barry was okay with some of this on occasion but he wanted more. He wanted someone who would want more than just degrading sex with the freakishly large booty. He wanted someone who saw him as a person. Someone to make love to.

When he got a job in finance Barry thought "Finally a place I'll be seen as more than just a monsterly large booty." Sadly that was not the case. Even in his professional life he was subject to lewd comments about his posterior. Guys would brush up against him and say things like "I'm sorry but there wasn't enough room to get by because your ass is so fat." This was always followed by a mocking laugh.

But the worst was Michael. Michael had been a transfer within the company. He came to the department as Barry's boss and made his life 100 times more difficult.  From day one Michael eyed up Barry's enormous butt like a child eyed up candy. There was no doubt in Barry's mind that Michael wanted him. But Michael was a sexually repressed closet case who would never admit this. So instead he took out his sexual frustration in the form of cruel taunting comments to Barry. One time when Barry was in the supply room Michael came in walked up to him and said, "If I had an ass as big and disgusting as yours I'd be ashamed to be seen in public. It looks like two basketballs." This was followed by a laugh as Michael walked away leaving Barry to feel foolish about his big globes. And Barry was powerless to stop him because he was Barry's boss and he knew that reporting Michael would only make things worse so instead he just endured it.

But Barry had seen enough of porn and read enough of on line gay erotica to know there were people out there that would love his ass. It was just a matter of finding that person. That's when an idea struck him. Why not create an on line blog? A place to share his enormous rump with others who would appreciate its size and shape. He created a page on Tumblr and used an assumed name, Barak. The page was called BarakBigButt. He would post pics and short video clips of his ample booty as well as share some real life stories with others.

The page was a success and Barry was getting more positive attention from guys. Oh, sure there were still those who left mean degrading comments but overall people were positive telling him how hot his enormous booty was and how sexy he was. He was gaining confidence and even loving his big butt again. But this was to be short lived. After a couple of months one day as he was sitting at his desk working as Michael appeared from out of no where. He had an evil smirk on his face as he said "Good morning" Then he got real close and whispered in Barry's ear. "Shall I call you Barak, then?" Barry's face flushed red with embarrassment as Michael started laughing uncontrollably and he walked away.

Barry had had it! He had been humiliated all of his life because of his big bottom. Michael had tormented him for the past year with lewd comments and innuendos. And at the office Christmas party after a few to many drinks he even openly fondled Barry's gigantic booty in the men's room. The whole thing felt so surreal it was hard to believe it had happened. But it had. Even today when Barry thought about it his face blushed red with humiliation.

During the Christmas party, which was held in the office, Barry excused himself to use the men's room. He was standing at the urinal relieving himself when the door opened and someone walked in. "There you are whale ass.", came the drunken voice of his boss, Michael. Michael staggered up behind Barry and grabbed a handful of his big melons. "I mished you.", slurred Michael as he groped at Barry's ass like a drunk frat boy.

Barry could remember his hot alcohol drenched breath on his neck and how cheap he felt. But he froze in shock and horror allowing his boss to feel him up like a cheap $10 whore. Finally Michael had had enough and slapped him hard on the ass saying, "Let's get back to the party." And then he staggered off.

Of course the next day he acted as if nothing had happened. And again Barry was powerless to stop the sexual harassment. And now that he was feeling good about himself Michael was gonna try to take that away.

How had he found Barry's page anyway. The answer was clear Michael was searching the Internet looking for pics of guys asses. Barry had been right, Michael was closeted. But he'd never be able to prove that. Who would believe him? Plus he'd have to reveal the details of his Tumblr page. Instead Barry decided to gather up his courage and get even in a more non traditional way.

That night Barry went home and pulled up one of his pictures he had not yet posted and uploaded it with the following message below it: I hope that got your attention. If you really have seen my blog, then I want you to know that I won’t be intimidated at work. Sniggering “shall I call you Barak then?” isn’t that funny. You discover my online alias, you discover the naked butt blog but you discovered all this while looking for pics of guy’s butts. So you’re either gay or curious and now that you’ve seen me naked, we have no secrets. You and your mates have called me names for the last year and I’ve soaked it up in silence but now I get why you’ve been so cruel about the size of my arse. If you want to touch it I will let you. If you want to pull my trousers down, part my massive cheeks and look straight up at my clammy hole you can. And if you’re dick is as small as the girls say, you can even fuck me. Seriously. Stick a condom on and slide up my oversized elephant butt. What are actually waiting for now? We have no secrets. See you at work on Tuesday. I’ll be in the empty meeting room at lunch.

The three day weekend seemed to drag by. But finally Tuesday arrived. The morning was uneventful. In fact it was extra quiet. Barry knew Michael was in. He'd see him come in that morning and go straight to his office but hadn't seen him since. The morning went on at lunch time came. Barak gathered up all of his newfound courage and headed to the conference room as he had told Michael he would in his post. He left the door open slightly, got things ready and say at the conference table waiting facing the door.

He didn't wait long. A few minutes later the door opened and in walked Michael. He closed the door behind him. The two men locked eyes in a silent battle of wills. It was Michael who broke the silence. "I don't like be called out on line that way 'Barak'. I am your boss and could fire you simply for being indecent on line. If our share holders saw those pictures and your posts it could mean a great lose to the company."

But Barry held his own. Summoning up his new found courage he replied. "You and I both know that's bullshit. The share holders don't give a fuck about my on line profile. And if you were going to fire me you would have last week. But you didn't. Instead you thought about me over the weekend. Looked at my blog again and now show up here as I challenged you to do. My guess is you really do want an up close and personal view of my butt which you referred to as an elephants ass. I have no secrets from you anymore. You have seen my nude pictures on line. You win. Your my boss and if my ass is what you want then I have no choice but to give it to you. If you want to touch it just lock the door and come in and ask."

Still as cocky as ever Michael sneered at Barry as he locked the door and walked over to where his employee say. He towered over Barry looking down at him and said, "Okay let me touch your cow's ass."

Barry stood slowly never breaking eye contact with his superior. He turned his back on the man and looked back over his shoulder, "Go ahead, sir, feel me up again the way you did at the Christmas party. Oh,that's right you don't remember that, you were drunk. Well this time there are no excuses. Do what you want to my ridiculously large bottom. But be honest about it." Barry pushed his oversized bottom back.

Michael reached out with both hands and wordlessly began fondling both of Barry's plump melons. They were squishy and plump. It was almost like kneading dough. Michael bit his lower lip. After a full year of tormenting Barry he was now openly feeling him up in the conference room.

Barry began speaking again after several minutes. "You once made a comment about how much ass cheeks the size of mine must sweat. If you want to know the truth I'll let you lower my tight trousers and part my cheeks so you can see for yourself, sir. All you have to do is ask if you can lower my pants."

"Can I lower your pants?", Michael's voice came out in a croak. He was starting to lose some of his composure.

"Go for it.", replied Barry.

Michael moved in close. His crotch pressed into Barry's plump cushions as he reached around front and undid his belt. He then pulled down his zipper and undid the button on his trousers and pushed them down to the floor. Barry's round cheeks pushed the tail of his white dress shirt out. Michael lifted the dress shirt to get his first up close and personal look at Barry's bare dimpled cheeks. They were encased by the thin stretchy straps of his white jock strap.

This elicited a laugh from Michael. "Your wearing a jock strap to the office?"

"You've read my blog you know I have no choice. My cheeks are so full and round I can't wear traditional underwear. This is the only thing that gives me the need support in front while allowing my huge butt to be free. Go ahead part my thick heavy cheeks. Take a look at my clammy hole. You know you want to, Michael." Barry then leaned forward placing his hands on the table and bracing himself as he pushed his mountainous ass back at his boss.

"Your nothing but a slut. A fat assed slut.", said Michael as he sank to his knees and parted Barry's weighty cheeks.

"That's how you've treated me for the past year, sir. Like I was nothing more than a slut. So go ahead why show me any respect now take a look at my most private part. Can you feel how heavy my cheeks are? Can you imagine how difficult it must be all day feeling them wobble as I walk?"

Michael pried Barry's plump cheeks wide. They were heavy and thick. Sweat glistened along the man's deep ass crack. Nestled between the two slabs of fat was Barry's tight pucker. Michael licked his lips.

"Get a good look at that tiny little hole. What a contrast when you consider just how enormous my cheeks are. You want to fuck me don't you. The ultimate degradation. To stick your little cock in my cunt. To feel my fat cheeks swallow your tiny dick. You know the ladies in the office all say your not very well endowed but I don't mind. If you want to slap a condom on your little dick and fuck me I'll let you. That is what you want, sir, isn't it? Don't you want to fuck me hard to show me my place?", taunted Barry.

"Don't you worry about the size of my dick you goddam freak! I know how to use what I have!", snapped Michael.

"Then use is, Michael. Use it and show me who's in control.", replied Barry.

"You don't think I will!", retorted Michael. I'll show you. I'll put you in your place. But I'm not using any condom. You'll take it bare like the cheap slut you are!"

"If you think your man enough to put me in my place do it.", responded Barry with a laugh as he bent over the conference table and wiggled his colossal rump. He reached back with both hands and pried his enormous cheeks wide exposing his most private part to his most hated enemy. "Do it!", he snapped. "Put your tiny prick in me and put me in my place. Let's get this over with once and for all. For the past year this is what you've wanted. Don't even deny it. Go ahead and degrade me. Fuck me like the cheap fat assed slut you say I am."

"You asked for it, Jello butt!", replied Michael with venom. "Be prepared to be reminded of your place!"

Michael pushed down his trousers and boxers revealing his small rock hard member. Michael looked back over his shoulder and saw his boss's stiff penis and burst out laughing. "Your gonna fuck me with that? It can't be more than 4", and its hard. How is that gonna put me in my place?"

At that point Michael snapped, he pushed Barry forward pressing his chest to the table with his left hand as he brought his right hand down on his massive 45" of ass fat over and over. "Shut the fuck up! Your the fucking freak with that ridiculous girlie ass. I should be laughing at you. Look at how your cheeks wobble and jiggle with each swat!"

Barry continued to push his boss's button, "Go ahead Michael, spank my big bum. Then fuck it. Remind me of my place! You know you've wanted this since the first day you met me. Say it!"

"Fuck yeah!", bellowed Michael. "The way you strut around the office in those tight trousers. The way you tease as you bend. You deserve to be treated like a whore!" At that Michael took his dick and aimed at Barry's mountainous rump. "Spread those fat cheeks, now!"

Barry reach back parting his ample backside once more for his boss's amusement. Michael looked between the valley of Barry's deep dark ass crack looking for his tiny rosebud. Though Barry was pulling his own cheeks as wide as he could it was still hard to find amongst all that ass fat. Michael helped him pull his meaty cheeks apart. Would his little dick even be able to make it past those voluptuous cheeks into his tight asshole. He spit on his dick. That would be the only lube he'd use as he forced his 4" cock inside Barry's monstrously large ass. Michael pressed his body against Barry, he felt the head slip into Barry's pussy. Both men moaned.

Almost immediately Michael picked up his pace and began power fucking Barry. And Barry thrust his ass back hard matching him thrust for thrust. This was nothing slow or romantic about what was taking place. They were not making love they were fucking. This was a hate fuck pure and simple. These two men had spent the past year despising one another and now they were letting all that anger and hate out in the form of a hard sweaty fuck session.

Michael was breathing hard like an animal as he assaulted Barry's tight button. He grabbed onto his underlings plump cheeks as he plowed into him over and over, his chest heaving like a beast.

Looking back over his should Barry continued to challenge Michael as he pulled his own cock out the waistband of the jock and began stroking, "Go on sir, pound your tiny dick into my big freakish ass. Punish me for something I can't control. Humiliate me simply because you can. But who's the bigger freak, the guy with the enormous ass? Or the guys who's fucking him?"

"You fucking shit!", screamed Michael as he began fucking Barry harder As he spanked his meaty bottom.

"Oh, fuck I want you to cum in me, sir. Cum inside of me then send me back to work the rest of the day with your jizz dripping from my used pussy."

Michael kept fucking and spanking and Barry kept pushing his ample boot back on his boss's dong. His massive ass jiggled out of control. Then without warning Michael pushed Barry to the table pining him there as he let out a guttural cry and unloaded in Barry's tight warm hole. This unleashed something in Barry, who at the same time was exploding like a geyser all over the conference room floor.

Barry looked back at Michael. Michael looked at Barry. Their eyes met. Hate burning in each of their eyes. Michael rushed in and began kissing Barry. It was raw hard and animalistic. Barry returned the kiss. Their tongues explored one another's mouths.

As Michael's cock began to soften he pulled out of Barry and stepped back. Cum dripped from Barry's ass. "You look like a filthy whore.", said Barry with a sneer. And I don't care for the way to spoke to me. So I suggest you gather your things and get out because your fired." He then began to laugh.

But none of this phased Barry. He simply tucked his dick back into his jock and pulled his trousers back on. He then walked across the room and picked up his phone from where it had been perched on a shelf aimed at the conference table. He hit the stop button to stop the recording and then the play button to play back the recording as he aimed the screen at Michael.

His boss watched in silent horror as the scene he had just lived came to life in the small screen. He hadn't even noticed Barry had been recording the whole encounter. He saw Barry sitting at the table waiting. He saw himself enter. Barry fast forwarded to the end when Michael had cum inside of him and he unloaded on the floor. Then Barry hit stop and looked Michael in the eyes with more confidence than he had ever had before when dealing with his torturous boss.

There was a long silence as the two stared at one another. Barry finally spoke, "I don't believe I am fired, Michael. In fact this recording says that going forward your my bitch. You will stop calling me names and bullying me. You will not grope or molest me in any way against my will. You will treat me with dignity and respect because if you don't I'll first show this recording to the board letting them know how you sexually harassed me and then I'll see that this gets leaked on the Internet. I bet your wife would enjoy this video."

"Why you fat a...", began Michael.

"Ah ah ah.", said Barry no more of that. "Remember I now own you, Michael."

With that Barry turned to leave. He placed his hand on the door knob and stopped. He turned and looked at Michael then at his puddle of jizz on the conference room floor. "You might want to clean that up, sir. There's a meeting in here in five minutes." He then turned back around opened the door and strutted down the hall allowing Michael the privilege of watching his huge cheeks wobble as he walked.

The End


  1. BubbleButtLuvr, THANK YOU!
    This is the hottest things I've ever read.
    Love "Barry" x

    1. Thank you very much. And thank you for the inspiration. Your enormous ass is a true thing of beauty.

  2. Yes, this was hot. I really enjoyed. Thanks for BubbleButtLuvr for the great story, and thanks for Barak for the BIG inspiration. :)

    And is there any new about your old characters: Brad, Kyle and His Father, Glen, Harry, Officers Matthews and Carter or Agent 69?

    1. I know I do need to get back to some of the old characters soon. But I am glad you enjoyed this one.

  3. Brad, Glen, Adam!! Please bring these characters back!! Would love another spanking story that focuses on a hot, masculine teen with a big fat ass and tiny thongs and bikini briefs. Bring back the exhibitionism!! You're my all time fave!! :) xo

    1. Thank you very much. I will try to bring back an old character soon. An old school exhibisionistic spanking story.

  4. Any plans to bring back Brad, Danny, Glen, Adam, Kyle? Miss those characters! Would love to see another story about one of them, or a new fictional, masculine muscle teen with a big fat ass and love on tiny things and bikini briefs. Love Adam showing off for his neighbor and Glen's creepy old neighbor watching him.. :)

    1. I know it has been a long time but I would like to go back and revisit some of my old characters. Thanks for asking.

  5. Thanks, you're the best!! Would love to see a story about Mr. Bennington watching glen in a thong or skimpy bikini! ;)

    1. I don't want to make any promises just in case it doesn't happen but I have had a few requests for Glen lately. So, I am kicking around the idea of using him next. I just have to come up with a concept I like.