Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I'll Take A Side Of Ass

by BubbleButtLuvr

Isaiah had been working at Mike's Diner as a cook for nearly ten years. He didn't mind the job but he hated working the night shift. Nights were always slow and since they put in the new highway they had gotten even worse. The highway went right over the diner causing them to miss the little late night traffic they used to get.

Isaiah couldn't figure out why Mike insisted on staying open overnight. It had to be good old fashioned greed. Mike never seemed to go home. Even now he was back in the office with the door shut. And he would most likely stay back there all night like he always did. But as long as Mike stayed open overnight Isaiah was forced to take his turn on the night shift just like the three other cooks. Each had to do the night shift one week each month. The only plus about working this shift was when he got to work with Marlon. Isaiah wasn't sure if Marlon was gay or not but when Isaiah flirted he flirted right back.

At twenty two Marlon was a good twelve years younger than Isaiah but Isaiah didn't care. Marlon was beautiful to look at. He was a dark skinned African American young man with deep chestnut eyes and full lips that curved up into one of the sexiest smiles Isaiah had ever seen. He was a little thick, not fat by any means but thick like an ex football player. Isaiah always imagined he played in high school. He was muscular but not over the top big. But he had thick thighs like an oak tree and an ass made by God. It was full and thick. Extra meaty. It popped way out in back and strained against the thin black slacks of his waiters uniform, which was really just black slacks and a white t shirt.

Isaiah loved watching Marlon from the kitchen as he bent over the counter. His thin pants about to burst as he leaned over the counter. His secret fantasy was that one day they would burst and out would pop Marlon's perfect ebony globes. Then one day his fantasy became a reality. It was late, just after 2AM. Mike was in the back office with the door shut doing whatever it was he did back there all night and Isaiah & Marlon were up front. Marlon was mopping the floors as Isaiah stood back in the kitchen lazily leaning on the pass through watching Marlon mop. He was hypnotized by the way his two enormous cheeks bounced and wobbled as the younger man moved.

'God is he sexy', thought Isaiah. And not for the first time he thought about how much Marlon reminded him of his high school gym teacher, Coach Bradox. In fact Marlon was probably the same age as the coach had been back then. Same height, same build, same dark ebony skin. And that same plump juicy booty. Coach Bradox was probably where his obsession with black men began. He remembered the way the man's body looked as he'd strip down after gym class and change on the locker room with the students. His long fat prick always strained against his stark white jock. The contrast of his jock to his dark complexion always aroused Isaiah. Then when he'd bent to remove that jock. The way his huge butt cheeks would part briefly giving a quick glimpse of his tight puckered asshole. And that long fat dick. Soft it looked to be about 10".

Isaiah was lost in his own thoughts thinking all of this as he watched the waiters huge posterior wobble. Then it happened. Marlon slipped on a patch of floor he'd just mopped. He lost his balance and started to fall back. He tried to catch himself and almost did. He almost found steady footing when he slipped again and fell forward. He landed on the floor on all fours. His legs spread wide. It was too much for the thin dress pants. There was a loud RRRRRRIIIIPPPPPP!!!! And all at once Marlon's enormous rump came bursting out of the back as the seam exploded exposing his bikini brief clad bottom. His bikini was a bright white with light blue pinstripes through it.

This broke Isaiah from his dream world. His mouth dropped open and his chewing gum fell out landing on the floor as he softly whispered, "God damn."

Marlon tried to get up but the floor saw too slick. His ample buns jiggled like mounds of grape Jello, dark and rich, under the thin fabric of his scant bikini which rode up high on his voluptuous cheeks.

Isaiah stood there speechless taking in the site of this sexy kids big mounds of ass fat rippling and jiggling lewdly as he fought to get off his hands and knees to an upright position. After several attempts Marlon was back on his feet. He reached back to see how big the rip was. He tried pulling the two ends together to no avail.

By this point Isaiah had made his way out into the front of the diner and was standing a few feet behind Marlon. The cook marveled at how such a scant pair of underwear could cover so much booty. Sensing Isaiah's presence Marlon looked back over his shoulder at his older co worker and innocently asked,"Is it a bad rip?" As he did so he arched his back and thrust his big ass back at Isaiah.

The older man gulped audible as he hunched down on one knee saying, "Let me have a closer look." The kids entire rump was hanging out the back and his underwear didn't even cover half of it. "It's pretty bad.", said Isaiah.

Looking back over his shoulder Marlon asked, "Do you think the two ends can be pulled together? Would you mind trying?"

Isaiah's head was spinning and his heart racing. "I'll try." He grabbed each end of the trashed slack, making sure to grab two big handfuls of of sized booty as he did so. Feigned sorrow he said, "Sorry man. It's just your pants are kind of tight."

"No worries. Thanks for your help.", said the young waiter with a devilish grin.

Isaiah pulled and tugged knowing all the while it would not work. But he didn't care. He was enjoying the sight as well as the feel of his soft jiggly cheeks. He could do this all night. But sadly he knew he could only take this so far so finally he said, "Sorry kid. It's not gonna happen."

"Thanks anyway.", said Marlon as he straightened up.

Isaiah was sad to see this game come to an end. Marlon turned to face him saying, "There doesn't seem to be much point in these pants now. They don't seem to be covering much anyway." With that he turned his back toward his coworker and began to undo his pants and slip them off slowly and teasingly. He bent slowly at the waist working the shredded pants over his acres of ass seductively before letting them fall to the floor. Isaiah could not believe his eyes. Was he dreaming or was this cocoa skinned God toying with him?

Once more arching his back and thrusting his ass out Marlon looked back over his shoulder. "You don't mind if I take my pants off do you?" He "innocently" asked.

"Not at all.", replied Isaiah breathlessly.

"I didn't think so. You know I'm aware that you stare at my ass all night from the kitchen when we worked together, right?", teased the younger black man.

Isaiah couldn't believe his ears. This kid was teasing him.  The kid was a cock tease. Well if he could tease Isaiah could tease right back. "You know you'd best be careful about teasing. That could get your big ass spanked."

Marlon took a couple of steps forward allowing his heavy cheeks to bounce. He leaned in far across a table in the middle of the dinner and placed his hands in the center. He spread his legs wide and twerked his gelatinous backside ever so slightly as he said. "Well, I'm waiting. Don't make promises you can't keep. Come and spank my enormous booty."

It was like a dream or something out of a porno. But Isaiah didn't need to be asked twice. He came up behind the young man and brought his hand down hard in the center of his huge cakes. Marlon moaned softly and arched his back, "More. I want more."

CRACK! Isaiah's hand came down hard on the younger man's bikini clad bottom. "Yes.", moaned Marlon. " Spank me harder."

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Isaiah brought his hand down hard repeatedly.

"If your gonna spank me do it right!", demanded the round bottomed stud. Spank me harder! Show me who's in charge!"

"You asked for it.", replied Isaiah as he unleashed on three sites curvy buttocks. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

Marlon was biting his plump lower lips and whispering "Fuck yeah."


Isaiah was really getting into it. He was giving all he had to spanking this kid. His own cock had swollen inside his jeans as he watch the younger man's enormous mounds rumple and jiggle. Precum was coating the inside of his own briefs.

Then all of a sudden Marlon called out, " Eat me out! I want you to eat out my fat fucking ass! Now!!!"

Again Isaiah didn't need to be asked twice. He sank to his knees and began to wrestle with Marlon's itty bitty white and blue stripped bikini. He worked them over his gargantuan cheeks and over his thick thighs letting them fall to the floor. Marlon stepped from them and leaned forward spreading his legs wide. "Do it, Isaiah.  Eat me out. I know you want to."

That was all Isaiah needed to hear. He placed a hand on each full cheek and pried them wide apart. The kids ass was hairless including his crack. He dove in allowing the younger black mans cheeks to snap back and quiver on his face as he worked his tongue up his tight young chute. Marlon scrapped at the table trying to grab onto something. He was crazy with lust. Isaiah grabbed both enormous cheeks and played with them as he ate his co workers out in the middle of the diner. He slapped his huge cheeks as he feasted on his tight hole.

In time Isaiah came up for air. When he did Marlon looked back at him asking, "How does it taste?"

"Like honey.", replied The older white man licking his lips.

Marlon laughed as he crawled up onto the table spreading his legs wide.  He reached out in front of him and grabbed a plastic squeeze bottle of actual honey. He reached back, turned the bottle upside down and squeezed. The sticky golden honey oozed out slowly and landed on his big round cheeks. It cascaded down them glazing him like a Christmas ham. Isaiah watched speechlessly and the waiter continued coating himself with the sticky substance.

Letting the bottle fall to the table he reached back and pulled Isaiah in hard. His face was now crammed between the other man's enormous honey covered globes. He lapped at the kids hole like his life depended on it as Marlon continued forcing his face in while asking, "How's it taste now?"

Isaiah couldn't speak, his mouth was full of ass, so instead he grabbed each plump cheek and squeezed. The honey oozed through his fingers. He began spanking the waiters ass as he ate him out. Marlon was screaming, "Fuck yeah spank my fat ass!!"

Isaiah's cock was dripping so much precum the front of his jeans were soaked. Marlon kept forcing the other man's head between the dark cavern of his meat mounds as Isaiah tongue fucked and spanked him.

It didn't take much longer before Isaiah felt his balls tighten. He knew he was about to cum in his pants but he didn't care. He kept spanking and working his tongue up Marlon's. He let out a loud yell straight up the kids ass as his seed gushed from his cock at a rapid pace filling the front of his briefs and jeans.

Marlon loosened his grip on Isaiah's head. Isaiah sank to the floor his face covered in sweat, honey and ass. Isaiah jumped off the table and stood before Isaiah. His fat 11" cock was so hard it pulsed. "Suck it.", he commanded.

At that point the office door burst open and in the door frame stood Mike's large hulking body. Mike was an ex marine and built like a brick shit house. His body rippled with muscles and was covered in tattoos. His blond hair was cut in a crew cut it and was graying at the temples. At 6'5" he was an intimidating figure. "What the fuck is going on out here!!!", he bellowed.

Marlon & Isaiah froze momentarily. Then each man slowly turned to see there boss standing there with his own 9" member sticking out the zipper of his tan trouser. It was hard and dripping precum as he held it in his hand. Then with a quick smile he added, "And why wasn't I invited?"

Isaiah & Marlon look looked from their boss to each other and back in disbelief. It was at this point Isaiah thought to himself, 'The night shift may not be so bad after all.'

The End


  1. Yay finally! I was expecting something new from you and I love it like all of your stories. I really like that you focus a lot on the asses, I don't find many people that really love a big ass and write about that, so thank you for writting this ;)

    I hope to read another one soon :D I would love something new of glen, like being caught by his neighbour in a compromised position and then licking and fingering his ass

  2. I rarely visit your site any longer, but it was nice to see one of your wonderful stories when I did visit. I hope we see future Brad stories, still your best and sexiest character with the best writing you've done.

  3. I love your work! Keep it up!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE a new Brad story ;-)

  4. 8/06/17 3:25p BubbleButtLuvr I'll Take a Side of Ass 8/31/16
    I like the Hot Obsession with a Man's
    Muscular Ass!
    I also like the fact the Spanker gets so
    Aroused and Very Hard when Spanking a
    Meaty Beefy Butt!
    I sure would like the story to continue
    with the Boss Man-Mike!
    Seeing his Ass Spanked and Rimmed and
    Munched on!
    It would be a Killer!
    I hope He Has a Manly Hairy Ass and a
    Hairy Ass Crack!
    You can't have a Man w/o a Hairy Butt!
    No Way!

  5. I have never come just by reading a story. The way you describe an ass it is as if you are reading my mind. i wish all your stories can happen to me.

  6. WOW!!! That is high praise. Thank you very much.