Sunday, August 12, 2012

Janitor's Bitch: Bitch In Training, Part 1

by BubbleButtLuvr

It was another late night at the office for Barry Spitzer. He had been working lots of late nights lately. It wasn't exactly that he minded. He didn't have a partner or any children to devote his time to. But, at the same time how would he ever meet anyone if he spent all his free time working over. But, he did hope that all his extra efforts would not go unnoticed by his boss Mr. Teiger.
Then there was the added bonus of Shamar. Shamar was part of the night time janitorial staff. He was a medium complected African American. Twenty years old with short cropped hair and deep dark eyes. Barry had never seen him in anything other than his drab gray work trousers and matching gray button down shirt that all the janitors wore. But still he could tell that he had a lean build and he guessed that he would be well defined. Sometimes Shamar would roll the sleeves of his shirt up to reveal sculpted arms. And his lips; he had the fullest lips Barry had ever seen. He loved the way they protruded out. Just thinking of them Barry caught himself licking his own lips. Though Barry found all of this very attractive there was one thing about Shamar that really drove him wild. And that one thing was his big, full round booty.
Barry didn't really have a type when it came to men. He liked them short or tall. Lean or stocky. Black or white. Blond or brunette. There was only one common thing in all the men that Barry found himself attracted to. That one thing was a big bubble butt. His friends would kid him about his obsession with what he called "The Perfect Ass". He liked nothing more than to see a man with a 30" waist and a 36" ass. The fuller it was the more crazy it made him. He liked a man with shelf. The kind of shelf you could rest a pitcher of beer on. And that was Shamar, sexy as hell with an ass that went on for days.
Barry had many a fantasy about Shamar. Each one ended with Shamar wrapping those two cocoa colored slabs of man flesh around his face as Barry rimmed hi tight pucker. Barry imagined reaching up and feeling up those massive glutes as he gasped for air. He wanted Shamar to ram his big ass hard into his face and force feed it to him.
Barry was so lost in his thoughts he didn't even hear the knock at his office door. He was shocked out of his fantasy as the door crept open and in walked Shamar. "Yo, sorry Mr. Spitzer. I didn't know you were in here. I knocked but no one answered. I just gotta empty your trash", said Shamar.
Snapping out of his trance Barry replied, "Shamar. No, it's no problem at all. Please come in."
Barry watched as Shamar entered his office and shut the door. He licked those full lips as he strode across the room. Barry always put his trash can in the far corner of the room when he knew he'd be working late. That way Shamar would have to walk the length of his office and then bent to pick it up, giving Barry a perfect view of his huge ass.
Barry watch with delight as Shamar's big bottom jiggled with each footfall--his gray trousers hugging it obscenely. Did this man have an idea of how much he turned Barry on? 'Probably not', thought Barry. Shamar bent over ever so slowly at the waist as if he were going to pick up the trash can. Barry watched…his mouth agape. But, then Shamar did something unexpected. Something Barry had fantasized about but never thought would actually happen.
Still bent over at the waist, his mammoth bottom thrust out he reached back and ran hi hands along it seductively. He straightened up slightly and looked back over his shoulder at Barry and asked, "Like what you see Mr. Spitzer?"
Barry was speechless so Shamar went on, "Don't deny it. I've seen you checking out my ass before--just like you are right now. You want this big black ass don't you Sir? You ever wonder what a brotha like me wears under his work uniform? I know you do. If you wanna see, just ask?" As he said this Shamar loosened his belt. He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. His back was still facing Barry and he looked at his shocked face over his shoulder. Then he began to tease starting the lower his pants slightly but never enough so as to reveal more than his shirt tail. "Come on Mr. Spitzer say it. If you wanna see what a brotha wears under his work uniform all you gotta do is ask."
Barry sat in stunned silence, wanting to speak but unable to. Shamar stopped teasing and pulled his zipper up as he said. "Yo, I guess I was wrong I guess I was wrong about you, man. I guess you don't want to know what Shamar's got goin' on under here." He straightened up and buckled his pants as he headed back toward the door.
"Wait!" blurted out Barry who finally had found his voice.
Shamar stopped and smirked to himself. He knew Barry would stop him. He knew that Barry wanted his huge black ass. "Then ask me if you wanna see it. Tell Shamar what you want. Ask old Shamar to show you his underwear."
Barry was embarrassed because it was as if this young man half his age could read his thoughts. It was like he he was captured in this sexy young man's spell and couldn't control himself. He whispered softly, "Shamar, will you please show me your underwear?"
"What's that?" asked Shamar taunting Barry as he cupped his hand to his ear as if he couldn't quite hear.
Barry cleared his throat and blurted out quickly, "Please Shamar, I want to see what's under your uniform! Please show me your underwear!"
"That's more like it," said Shamar as he turned his back to Barry once again undoing his pants and starting a strip tease of sorts for Barry slowly lowering his pants and then pulling them back up quickly just before the pants came to the end of his shirt tail.
Barry's cock was growing by the minute. He wanted to see more. He leaned forward in his seat eyes open wide. Shamar laughed to himself. He loved the power he had over Barry. Shamar pulled his pants all the way up and then untucked his shirt pulling it up under his arm pits. He then looked back over his shoulder at Barry and said, "Ready for it white boy?"
"Yes. Please."
With that Shamar lowered his slacks down to his knees. His monster booty was encased in the tiniest pair of bikini briefs Barry had ever seen. They were pink & white horizontal stripped with high sides and a french cut in back which allowed Shamar's enormous round butt just ooze out. It was as if someone had stretched a skimpy pair of underpants over two basketballs. Barry was shocked at the sheer size of it. If anything the skimpy undies made Shamar's ass look even larger.
"You like that white boy? Not what you expected is it. You never expected to see a brotha in such sexy little underwear did you?" teased Shamar.
Barry sat there with his mouth hanging open as Shamar began running his hand over his scantly clad bottom as he shook it side to side. "You like the way that big black ass jiggles don't you?" He then slapped his big fanny making it shake even more. "You wanna see more?"
Having trouble finding his voice Barry let out a whispered, "Please."
Shamar laughed again as he said, "Then come closer white boy."
Hesitantly Barry rose from his seat and walked a few paces until he was inches from Shamar's monster glutes.
"Get on your knees white boy; worship that phat black booty like you want to."
Shamar was looking back over his shoulder at Barry. Barry made eye contact with him and gulped. He then slowly sank to his knees. Shamar's bare covered ass cakes were less than two inches from Barry's face. Barry heart beat quickened. He couldn't believe this was actually happening. Then Shamar spoke, "Go on. Touch it. Feel up my big booty."
Barry reached up slowly and ran his trembling finger tips over the small pink and white briefs. He allowed them to trace the thin stripes of the briefs which were stretched so far to the limit that Barry thought they might rip open on their own at any moment causing Sharmar's over inflated ass cheeks to burst out and slap him across the face. He then ran his fingers along the leg bands of the briefs, which were wedged up high over the maintenance man's plump cheeks.
"Grab a handful of ass white boy."
Barry looked up at Shamar who was looking over his shoulder again as he allowed his hand to open revealing sweating palms. He grabbed two handfuls of Shamar's plump rear. "MMMM...That's it. Feel up those big black cheeks."
Barry continued to feel up Shamar's ample backside like a high schooler on prom night. The maintenance man then shook his butt causing it to jiggle. Barry pulled back and just watched those two scantly clad melons quiver for his own enjoyment.
"You want more?" asked Shamar.
Again Barry whispered, "Please."
"Then pull down my briefs."
Barry was in a daze. He couldn't believe what was happening. But, he wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. He reached up and grabbed the waistband of the scant undergarment. The briefs were so small and the ass so large, that it took some effort for Barry to pry them lose and peel them down over the man's engorged backside. Once Barry had them down, Shamar stepped out of them. He then leaned forward slightly arching his back and shoving his ample bottom out further. Shamar could feel Barry's warm breath on his bare bottom as he said, "Go on white boy you know you want to kiss that big old butt."
He was right Barry wanted to kiss it, lick it, rim it and generally make love to it. He grabbed two handfuls of ass and squeezed as he began to plant small kisses on the maintenance man's big brown buns. Then he began licking the huge cheeks. Shamar laughed to himself. He had this guy in his power and he loved it. He couldn't help think how the tables had turned; here he was a mere janitor having his big ass serviced by a powerful and successful business man.
Barry kneaded Shamar's butt as he made love to it. Grabbing two fistfuls of ass he parted the cheeks and got his first look at Shamar's tight brown button. "So, you like old Shamar's ass hole," remarked the maintenance man. "Well, I think you need a better look." With that Shamar thrust his fat buns back knocking Barry off balance and making him fall backwards on to the floor landing on his back.
Shamar then moved back slightly squatting over Barry's face. He slowly lowered himself. As he did his mammoth glutes spread apart exposing his tight pucker once again to the horny businessman. And for the first time Barry could see Shamar's cock as it dangled above him. It was massive. Barry never saw Shamar in his underwear from the front but found himself wondering how he managed to cram all that cock into those itty bitty briefs. Shamar was only semi erect and as close as Barry could tell he looked to be at least 10" already. Barry licked his lips and began groping himself through his slacks. He undid his zipper and pulled his hard prick out.
Shamar hovered above Barry's face and laughed as he watched him free his cock. "Look at you white boy…all horned up and hard. Your little white dick is hard as a rock."
Normally Barry would take offense to having a guy call his dick little. It was true he was only about 5 1/2" but still he knew how to use what he had. But Barry wasn't going to pass this up so he let Shamar talk to him anyway he liked as long as he kept shoving his ass in his face.
Then Shamar lowered himself more. His ass hole grazed Barry's nose. Barry stuck out his tongue as he realized that his fantasy was about to come true. He began beating his 5 1/2 inches as his tongue made contact with Shamar's hole. "MMM..." moaned Shamar. "You horny little white slut. You like Shamar's ass hole don't you?"
Barry couldn't speak. All he could do was grunt a muffled "Yes". Barry lapped at Shamar's hole like a man starved for food. Shamar just laughed again and said, "Then have more." With that he sat down one Barry's face full force and wiggled his huge melons.
"You like that, slut?"
Barry couldn't speak. He couldn't even breathe, but he didn't want it to end either. This was his dream come true. He just reached up and squeezed Shamar's over inflated bottom in response as he continued rimming the black stud's booty.
Shamar was moaning and stroking his own cock as he rode Barry's face. Barry kept feeling up Sharmar's big old ass as eating his hole. He needed air soon or he would pass out but he wasn't going to ask for it for fear that if he did Shamar might decide he was done and the whole thing would be over. Barry's cock twitched with lust and he knew he was gonna cum.
Shamar noticed Barry thrusting the air and knew he was close to cumming. Shamar continued to grind his phat booty into the businessman's face and stroke his own cock, which was now fully erect and 11 3/4 inches long. "Yeah white boy, fuck the air with that little dick. I wanna see that tiny dick shoot."
At this point Barry's cock exploded in a spasm of warm white jizz coating his entire stomach and part of his chest.
"Hot!" yelled out Shamar as he pulled himself off of Barry's face. Barry was glad for the air but saddened by the absence of the man's super sized ass. It hadn't been there long but it was a perfect fit and Barry missed its presence.
"Now it's my turn!", shouted Shamar as he turned quickly aiming his fat dong at the man's face. As soon as he did so his own fat schlong erupted in rope after rope of sticky jizz. The first string landed across Barry's face just missing his left eye. He closed them just in time for the second rope of jizz to burst out. Shamar kept cumming and cumming bucket loads and yelling out in pleasure. By the time Shamar was done cumming Barry's entire face was coated with sperm. Shamar even got it in his hair.
Then the janitor rose to his feet quickly and before Barry even had a chance to clean his face off he had his tiny striped briefs and tight gray trouser back on and was on his way out the door. As he exited all he said was, "Later white boy…" And then he was gone.
Part of Barry felt cheap and used. It was if Shamar didn't even have the decency to let him compose himself. He just used him for what he wanted and then he was gone. But even so, if Barry could go back in time he would do it all again. This evening had been a dream come true. A dream Barry knew he work relive again and again for years and years in the privacy of his own room as he jacked off.
The End


  1. this made me cum so much, cant wait for the next part!

  2. Thanks. I'm not sure when part 2 will be coming. But I do plan on a second part.