Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brad: Late For Wrestling Practice - Part 2

by BubbleButtLuvr

As Brad Tomkins sat waiting outside Coach Phillips’ office, he thought of a strategy. He’d been late for practice three times this past week and he knew what that meant. He was going to be kicked off the wrestling team. The coach had warned him before.

Brad's problem was he that was used to coasting by on his good looks. At 19, he still had that good-looking boy-next-door look. He also had beautiful blue eyes and sandy brown hair that fell over his forehead in just the right way. But, the thing that got him the most attention, the thing that caused everyone’s head to turn was his big round ass. Worse yet, Brad knew the power his ass had over people and he wasn't too proud to use it to get what he wanted. That was the strategy Brad was going to use on Coach Phillips. He’d noticed the coach staring at his ass during practice and in the locker room when he was changing. Brad knew all he had to do was wiggle his big butt in the coach’s face a bit; maybe even bend over some and the Coach would give him another chance.

In his little blue singlet, there wasn't much covered. In fact, Brad had such a big ass that he had to have a special uniform made. That first standard singlet was so tight he almost couldn't get it over his ass. Then, during his first match it ripped and his big jock-covered ass came busting through. Brad was forced to finish the match with his big bare ass hanging out for everyone to see or forfeit his match. He completed the match and won. But, after that he got a special singlet made with more room in the seat.

The door opened and Coach Phillips stuck his head out.

"Please come in, Mr. Tomkins," came the terse request.

The coach pulled his head back. Brad stood and adjusted himself in his singlet. It was riding up his huge ass. Brad entered the office, turned slowly and shut the door behind him. The boy made sure to bend slightly and stick out his ass for Coach Phillips to see. And, of course, he did.

Brad then approached the coach's desk and "accidentally" bumped a stack of papers on the coach’s desk, knocking them to the floor. Brad apologized and bent down to pick them up. His big boy melons were just inches from the coach’s face. Coach Phillips was practically drooling over the kid’s hot ass. Brad made sure to wiggle it a little for added effect. Brad thought to himself, "This is easier than I thought. I have him now." Brad finally stood and placed the papers on the desk in front of the coach.

"Mr. Tomkins this makes three times this week that you’ve been late to practice!" the coach bellowed.

"I know, sir. I'm sorry," replied the anxious athlete. "I don't know what to say."

"Well you know what this means, don't you?" asked the coach. "You will be removed from the team." "Please, Coach, can't we work something out?" Brad begged with his best seductive sneer.

"I suppose we could," answered the coach archly. "But, you'll need to be punished. You’ll accept whatever I give you as a punishment?"

Brad quickly nodded, "Whatever you say, Coach."

"Okay then, Brad. I want you to remove your singlet and get up on my desk on all fours."

Brad expected that Coach to want to stare at his ass, maybe even play with it a little. But, this confused him.

"What for, sir?" asked the boy.

"Do as I say, son. Or you’re off the wrestling team!" came the barbed reply. Brad could see that the coach was quite serious and didn't want to anger him any further. So, he began to undress. He pulled the uniform straps over his broad shoulders and across his rock hard pecs, exposing his chiseled abs. When he got the singlet to his waist, he had trouble getting the tight garment over his gigantic butt. Even with the extra room in the custom-built seat, it still hugged his big globes like a second skin. Brad wiggled his ass in an attempt to get the thin of material over this glutes. The coach just watched with interest. Once Brad got it off, he stood before Coach Phillips in just his sneakers and jockstrap.

"Okay. Now, get up on the desk on all fours, Brad," ordered the Coach.

Brad was hesitant, but did as instructed. He climbed upon Coach Phillips’ desk and stuck his big ass into the cool air of the office. The athlete’s mind reeled. He didn’t know exactly what the coach was going to do.

Coach Phillips pulled a Ping-Pong paddle from his desk drawer. He slowly walked behind Brad and gently touched the youth’s ass. Brad jumped slightly.

"Relax, Brad," said the coach soothingly. "This won't be so bad. Just take your punishment and you won't be kicked off the wrestling team."

"I don't want to be off the team. But, I don't think I want this either," Brad meekly protested.

"Well, those are your only choices: off the team or a spanking! It’s your call, kid," stated the coach flatly.

Brad thought for a moment. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. He figured the Coach would want to play with his ass anyway and this wasn't really couldn’t be too much worse. After all, he had been spanked before and got through it.

"Okay, sir." Intoned Brad. "I'll take the spanking."

"Good." said the Coach as he raised the paddle.


The first whack came down hard on Brad's bare ass. He jumped more than a little. He had been caught off-guard. Coach Phillips began spanking first the left cheek and then the right. He moved back and forth. Brad's big cheeks jiggled slightly with every solid smack. The athlete’s ass began to sting as the coach continued.

Coach Phillips stopped and fondly caressed the young man's ass. It was hot to the touch and starting to turn pink. He then began spanking once again. Brad winced. He was starting to really feel the pain now.

"Okay, spread those legs further apart," instructed the coach.

Brad spread his legs as wide as he possibly could. His monster ass cheeks spread wide open exposing a patch of stark white skin that had not been spanked quite yet. It also revealed Brad's puckered pink asshole. Coach Phillips licked his lips as he turned the paddle around and began to massage the outside of Brad's hole with the handle. Brad moaned as the hot handle teased his boyish pucker. The Coach flipped the paddle back around and began spanking directly on Brad’s tender hole. The athlete screamed in pain as his most sensitive area was tortured.

Coach Phillips walked around to the side of the desk. The big man wrapped his arm tightly around Brad's waist as he continued to deliver blow after blow. Brad was jumping all over the desk by now and clearly needed restraint. His reddened ass was bouncing like a pair of basketballs in a big league game. The youngster begged for mercy. Coach showed none.

Suddenly, it happened just like the last time. Brad could feel his cock beginning to grow in the moist pouch of his jock. As much as it hurt, there was also a distinct pleasure to this painful experience.

Coach Phillips relaxed his grip on Brad's waist. A thick manly middle finger began to tease the boy’s hole. But, the spanking never ceased. Brad eagerly shoved his bubble butt back toward the coach's probing fingertip. The coach slowly inserted his finger, all the while still paddling the beefy wrestler. Coach Phillips pushed his finger in ever farther. Brad began to ride it. He could hardly believe how much he was enjoying this. Yes, he was in pain. But, he was also dizzy with ecstasy as Coach fingered his man-pussy.

Brad was moaning loudly now as the coach spanked and fingered him. He could feel himself getting close. Brad knew he was seconds away from cumming within confines of his jock.

"Oh, Coach. Yes. That's good," Brad cooed.

The young man's ass was now a glowing red and burning with heat. His asshole was feeling so good. Brad could hold back no longer.

He screamed out, "Coach, I'm gonna cum!"

With that, Coach Phillips began spanking harder and stuck his finger further into the big wrestler’s rosy rectum.

At that very moment, Brad’s cock exploded in his jock.

"OOOHHHHH, yes!" the hapless athlete cried.

Brad felt volleys scalding juice fill his strap. Even as his balls emptied into the clinging pouch, the coach continued his whacking.

Brad was entirely spent and fell flat on his stomach across the coach’s desk. Coach Phillips paddled away for a few more moments as he pulled his finger from Brad's hungry butthole. At last, he stopped spanking and walked around to the peer into young man's face.

"Okay Mr. Tomkins get up and get dressed, now!" Coach ordered.

Brad jumped from the desk and pulled his singlet back on. He cautiously wriggled his big red ass as he tried to slip back into the tiny spandex outfit. His cum-drenched jock smeared all over the front of the singlet, leaving a trail of cum as evidence of the kid’s guilty pleasure.

"Okay. Now, get out of my office and be on time for practice," said the Coach. "If you’re late again, you can expect more of the same."

Brad just nodded his head, turned and left the office. He felt embarrassed and ashamed.

As the boy exited, Coach Phillips watched his big round ass bounce in his singlet until the door slowly closed behind him.

"That should teach him a lesson," thought the Coach. "Then again, I hope it doesn't. I would really enjoy doing that again!"

The End


  1. I've always loved the Brad Tomkins series! Are u ever going to make another story in the series?

  2. Thanks for asking. I am getting ready to post part three today. As far as a brand new story in the series, yes, I still have more in store for Brad but can't say when I will be writing it. I don't have as much free time as I would like to do this. Brad has always been one of my favorite characters to write.