Sunday, April 15, 2012

Readers Rump - Mega Mounds

Below is our first set of pics of a feature I like to call Readers Rump for the sake of anonymity let's call him Mega Mounds. And I think you can see why I have chosen this name. This hot 20 year old (turning 21 very soon) loves to expose his big bouncy bottom, which he tells me jiggles quit a bit. He's a hot bi sexual stud who will gladly expose his mega mounds to anyone who wants to see it. He really gets off exposing himself to straight guys. One of his favorite places is the gym locker room where he struts around in a jock or bare assed attracting attention with his colossal ass, which begs to be fucked.  As you can see he will not only expose his fat rump in the privacy of his own room but also outside or even in the restroom of the restaurant where he works. Please leave comments letting him know how much you like his huge slutty ass and what you'd like to do to it.

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