Sunday, January 31, 2016

Braydin, Spanked & Expelled

by BubbleButtLuvr

It wasn't as though Braydin were a bad guy really. He just has strong opinions and views. And no tolerance for those he deemed stupid. The problem was that he was an 18 year old high school senior and had no problem telling Mrs. Sloan, his fifty something year old English teacher, just what he thought of her. That is why on a Monday morning at 10:00 am he was sitting in front of Principal Edwards office waiting to be called in.

Braydin sat waiting, his annoyance growing. He couldn't even understand what he had done wrong. His horse faced old teacher had called on him in class. He hadn't really been paying attention and he told her as much. He laughed to himself as he remembered the way she pursed her lips as she tried to regain her cool. She then called him to the front of the class and tried to make him look stupid by reprimanding him like a naughty eight year old in front of the class.

He stood there with one hip thrust out and his round juicy booty pushed out, a look of disinterest on his face as he looked down at his well manicured nails thinking 'I could really use a spa day.'

"Braydin!", snapped Mrs. Sloan. "Are you even listening to me, young man?"

"Aaahhh...I think I already told you I wasn't.", came Braydin's quick reply.

Again Mrs. Sloan pursed her lips as she tried to regain her composure. "Braydin, I have tried to help you but you are the rudest young man I have ever met. I would be inclined to work with you if you would only work with me. But since you refuse I am sending you to Principal Edwards. And I'll bet one day your mouth will get you in serious trouble. I bet you a million dollars."

With a look of complete annoyance Braydin looked down his nose his teacher's wrinkled old visage and snapped, "Don't bet what you don't have, honey. Because if you had it you'd get a fucking face lift."

Mrs. Sloan's eyes grew wide. Her mouth opened as if to speak but no words came out. In thirty plus years of teaching she had never had a student speak to her like this. Finally she found her words, "OUT! Get your belongings and go see Principal Edwards!" Her long gnarled arm was aimed at the door and her boney finger pointed toward it.

Braydin looked her up and down with disinterested then turned quickly and sashayed to his desk to grab his Sailor Moon book bag. His oversized booty swayed from side to side like a pendulum. He grabbed his book bag and threw it over one shoulder like a purse as he walked down the isle between desks as if it were a runway and he America's Next Top Model. Just before he stepped through the door he looked back at Mrs. Sloan, raised his hand above his head, snapped his fingers and said, "Bye, Felicia." Then disappeared down the corridor.

Braydin could feel his irritation level grow as he continued sitting and waiting for Principal Edwards. His right leg was crossed over his left and he waved his foot back and forth impatiently. Finally he reached into his book bag and pulled out his iPhone and headphones. He found his Britney Spears play list and hit random. As the soothing sounds of Work Bitch filled his ears he felt his temper subside. No one could calm him like Britney. Half way through he even started singing along, "Bring it on, Ring the alarm...."

"Ssshhhh...", said Mrs. Thomas, the principals secretary.

Annoyed Braydin removed his headphones and put them back in his bag along with his phone. One day he'd be on stage too. Singing just like his idol. He had the voice. And the looks.  He just needed the opportunity. But for right now he was stuck in this dreary place with these dreary people.

Just then the principals door opened and out walked Kent Barnes. Braydin felt his heart skip a beat and his face flush red as he locked eyes with the douchey high school jock. Blonde hair, blue eyes, ivory white completion. He was arrogant and cocky the way he'd strut around the school. He could have any girl he wanted and he knew it. Braydin was jealous of everyone of them. He'd gladly get on his knee and service Kent.

Braydin had taken care of himself many times to the image of himself gagging on Kent's thick veiny member. Another favorite fantasy of his was taking Kent's large appendage doggy style on the floor of the locker room after gym class.

Braydin knew Kent had a big cock. They were in the same gym class and Kent was not shy about walking around the locker room with just a towel draped over his shoulders his fat prick swinging freely. This was a sight Braydin did not mind one bit.

The reason Braydin blushed at the sight of Kent had to do with an incident that had taken place in the locker room just last week. Braydin  had always been good looking with his caramel complexion and dark eyes. He had full pouty lips and dark wavy hair. His body was lean and hour glass curvy with thick meaty thighs and a 28" waist. And as impressive as all of this was it was his booty that was most impressive as it measured at 42", a full 14" larger than his waist.

He'd always had trouble finding pants that fit both his slender waist and colossally curvaceous rump. And if pants were difficult underwear was almost impossible. If they fit in the waist they were too tight in the seat and thighs. And if they fit his thighs and plump bottom they were lose in the waist and would slide down. On more than one occasion his huge can had ripped right through the seat of his briefs, which is why I preferred thongs. But he never worn a thong to school on gym day and that's how the incident happened.

Last week while changing after gym Braydin was were a pair of light blue bikini briefs. They very cotton and very scant. He bent over to pull up his pants and as he bent there was a loud RRRRRRIIIIPPPPP followed by a cool breeze on his elephantine ass. Without straightening up he looked back over his shoulder and saw Kent standing there, his eyes bulging and mouth hanging open as he looked at Braydin's huge booty trying to escape his tiny bikini underpants.

There were a few laughs and some of his buddies made jokes about how his big butt ripped out his underwear but it was all good natured. Still Bryadin was horrified that Kent had seen him like this. So, now as Braydin sat outside the principals office looking at Kent this memory flashed in his head.

As he walked on by Kent nodded, "Hey."

Braydin's nodded back. "Hey." And again his heart skipped a beat. God he loved straight douchey white guys.

"Braydin.", came Principal Edwards voice from the doorway of his office. "Please come in."

"Finally.", said Braydin as he stood and made his way to the principal's office. Once inside he dropped into a chair in front of the principal's desk.

Principal Edwards shut the door and came around behind his desk taking his seat. He placed his elbows on the desk and made a teepee with his fingers as he looked at Braydin. "So, what brings you back to see me so soon? You were just here last week."

Braydin let out a deep sigh. "Mrs. Sloan got all pissy because I told her she needed a facelift."

Annoyance crossed Principal Edwards eyes. "Braydin. We are the tenth school you have been enrolled in. Your grades are good. You excel in music and drama. You are popular among the other students. But you have got a sassy mouth. That is what always seems to get you in trouble."

Braydin rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

"Again with your sassy mouth. We have had you write essays, stay for after school suspension. Even Saturday detentions but still you get in trouble. You leave me with only one choice. Corporal punishment."

"What? What do you mean?", asked Braydin confused.

Principal Edwards took a deep breath. "Spanking."

"What?!", wailed Braydin. "I am 18 years old. And you are not my father. You will not be spanking me."

"All of that may be true, Braydin. However, when you were admitted to this school your parents signed a document giving us consent to administer corporal punishment if necessary. ", explained the principal. At that moment there was a knock at the door. "Come in." The door opened and in walked Coach Brick.

Principal Edwards continued. "I've asked Coach Brick to join us today so that we have a witness to your spanking."

"You're kidding, right?", asked Braydin in disbelief.

"This is no joke, Braydin. Now drop your pants and bend over my desk, young man.", said the principal.

Braydin looked from his principal to his gym teacher. There was no way he wanted spanked but he didn't want them to know how freaked out he was. So instead he played tough. He stood with attitude and began unbuckling his jeans, which due to the size of his over developed booty and thick tree trunk like thighs fit like they were painted on. He pushed them down to his ankles with attitude and stood before the two men in just a white Sailor Moon t-shirt and scant lime green thong, which was complimented well by his ample caramel tanned booty. His hands on his hips in defiance. "There my pants are down. Are you pervs getting off on seeing me without my pants?!"

Coach Brick stood behind Braydin and got a full view of Braydin's huge bare bronzed cheeks, the thin strap of the thong buried deep between them. He could not believe his eyes. "Braydin. What are you wearing?"

Braydin turned to face the coach. "It's called a thong.", sarcasm dripping from his words.

Now his super sized buns were facing Principal Edwards. He could not believe what he was seeing. "Young man! Do you really think that kind of underwear is appropriate for school?"

Braydin turned again now facing the principal. "When I got dressed this morning I had no idea you pervs would pull me into the office and make me strip for you."

Principal Edwards saw red, "That's it! I've heard enough. Over the desk now, young man. You will learn some respect.

"Whatever.", was Braydin's petulant reply as he bent over the desk. As he did he arched his back and pushed his overinflated cheeks out toward his gym teacher and wiggled them in defiance.

 Principal Edwards opened his desk drawer and pulled out a large wooden paddle. He made his way around the desk. He had spanked many students over the years but never one wearing a thong. And never one with a bottom quit so large. He pulled back his arm then thrust it forward. The wooden paddle landed  hard in the middle of Braydin's large copper toned bottom. His meaty cheeks rippled. He felt a jolt go through his body. It stung more than he'd expected but he would not let on so he bit his tongue.

Again Principal Edwards swung the paddle. CRACK! It made contact. Braydin's jumbo cheeks jiggled as pain shot through them. He bit his lip. But not being one to keep his mouth shut he asked, "Is that all you have?"

The principal reared back again and brought the paddle down fast CRACK! Braydin arched his back and threw back his head in mock laughter, "I barely felt that."

That was it now Principal Edwards was determined to break the youth so he let loose. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

Braydin's well padded mounds of ass fat quivered and jiggled with each seat. His rump felt like it was on fire but he could not let the school administrator know it so instead he gave more lip. "Are you pervs getting off on watching my big cheeks jiggle?"

But Principal Edwards was just as determined to break the teen. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

Braydin's curvy voluptuous cheeks were now pink and tender but he would not budge. "My grandma could hit harder."


Braydin gripped the sides of the desk. His knuckles turned white from how hard he was gripping. "Come on big man. When are you gonna start the spanking? I don't feel anything."

By now Principal Edwards was sweating. Coach Brick stepped forward. "Give me that paddle." Happily The principal handed the paddle to his colleague. Now the coach took a crack at the youth's gigantic bottom.  CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

"Please is that all you can do. I thought Principal Edwards was weak."

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Now Braydin's gargantuan buns were glowing red. They felt like flames were shooting from them. But he would not be broken. "More. Bring it!"

The coach was livid. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Braydin's plump cheeks wobbled up and down with each swat. But still he would not show signs of pain.

The spanking went on for another ten minutes. The paddle felt like it was ripping Braydin in two but still he heckled the principal and coach until it became evident to them both that they could not win.

"Okay, Braydin. Pull up your pants.", said the principal.

"Are you two done ogling my big delicious booty. If not why don't you come see my show some weekend. I strip weekends at The Man Cave. Just give my name at the door and they'll let you in for free.", sassed Braydin as he slowly and teasingly bent over to pull up his pants. The tight jeans hurt his tender well spanked bottom but still he bit his tongue.

The Man Cave was a well known gay bar in the area. And both men found themselves speechless at hearing Braydin danced there. But after a beat the principal found his voice. He looked the 18 year old in the eye. "It is evident that you have learned nothing. You are not sorry. And you feel no remorse."

"Dah.", said Braydin.

With a deep breath Principal Edwards continued, "That is why I have no choice but to expel you. If we have no control then we have chaos."

"So I'm expelled from another school?", asked Braydin.

"Yes, I'm afraid so.", replied the principal.

At that Braydin snatched up his book bag and made his way to the door. With his hand on the nob he turned to face both men. "BTW You both spank like pussies. Bye bitches."

Before either man could answer he pulled open the door with a flourish and made his way down the hall with a strut, his juicy booty swinging from side to side. The only though in his head 'My ass is on fire. I can't wait to get home and get out of these pants so I can lotion up my butt.' He then burst through the school doors and was gone.

The End


  1. Hi Bubblebuttluvr,

    I really missed you! I am very glad to have you back.
    Your brandnew story is promising start, but – sorry for my honesty – not so really hot after this long pause.
    I hope that other characters (Principal Edwards, Coach Brink, Kent Barnes) will come back in the next chapters.
    As I wrote earlier, I am a huge fan of your old characters, especially Brad, Kyle and his Father, Agent 69, Officers Carter and Matthews, Glen and Harry. Please, bring them back as soon as possible.

    1. Thank you. And I appreciate the honesty. Even the real Braydin said that while he enjoyed it he was hoping for some sex. I know every story will not be loved by everyone. I've always tried to write what I enjoy hoping that there are others who will enjoy it as well. I do plan on bringing this character back along with the coach, the principal & Kent.

      As for my older characters I don't consider any of their stories complete and would like to revisit them again. I know I have said this before but I really do mean it. I just don't have the time to write on a regular basis and quit truthfully I don't always feel inspired. I have found that every time I force myself to churn out something without motivation the end result is less than satisfying. I started an Agent 69 story over a year and a half ago that is still sitting unfinished because I'm just blocked on it and don't want to push something out that I ambit pleased with.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  2. Hey Bubblebuttluvr, thanks for this new story, I love stories about hight school student spanked by the principal !
    But I am disapointed here because in your other stories the boy with big ass enjoys the spanking and he cums before the end, well here this is not very erotical !!
    I really hope that Braydin will not be expelled from school finally, and that he would be back in front and the principal and the coach for a hot naked spanking this time, and maybe that Kent can be spanked naked too with braydin this time : with the sexual tension the two boys get a big hard-on and they cum huge loads before the end and the spanking !!! And then the principal and the coach get excited and hard too by the situation and they may abuse the two boys, or they can force them to have sex together...!
    Well if that give you some idea, I hope we will have soon many next hot chapters about braydin's adventures at school ....

    1. Thank you for your comments. I didn't want to make Braydin cum from the spabking because I wanted to try to show his as cocky and able to take whatever they dished out. I suppose in hind sight I could have had him cum and that would have added a different spin as he tried to resist cumming. But it's too late now. However, I do have more in mind for Braydin.

    2. Well I hope that Braydin will cum at his next meeting with the principal and the coach ! And maybe Kent too if he is invited !!

  3. I'm so glad to see that you're back and writing again, Bubblebuttluvr. I hope we see more of Brad and Grant soon. I wish you'd also collaborate with Bunz Storywriter on a joint Brad and Max story.

    1. Yes, I want more Brad and Grant stories too!

      And I hope the meeting of Brad and Max! Who would be top, and who would be bootom? Or they will make a flip-flop? :)

  4. 6/04/17 10:20p BubbleButtLuvr Hey!
    I'm glad your back and writing again!
    I recall a story concept of yours
    about a Coach Spanking his Students.
    What I enjoyed most was the Manly Coach
    was so aroused by the Spanking that
    he went to his office to relieve the
    tension in himself!
    The Coach as the Spanker was
    Hard as a Rock and had to ''Get Off!''
    I like the Spanker to get Hard
    and Throbbing after Spanking
    a Muscled Ass!
    Thanks Again!