Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brad: Grant Finally Gets A Whack At Brad Pt. 18

Grant arose first the next morning feeling surprisingly refreshed. The night before he had watched his best friend get his huge rump spanked by their twisted dorm supervisor, Mr. Marshall. Grant had discovered Brad's secret, he got off on being spanked. But Brad also learned Grant's, he was gay. Last night everything seemed okay but now in the light of day would things still be the same or would Brad treat Grant different now that he knew his secret?

Grant didn't have to wait long to find out the answer. Brad rolled over in bed. Grant was laying in his own bed on the other side of the small dorm room on his side facing his friend. Brad gave a blurry eyed smile to his buddy. His hair was tussled from a good nights sleep. "Morning."

"Hey. Sleep okay? Is your ass still sore?"

Brad pulled the covers off and stood up. His morning wood hard as could be. He turned his ass toward Grant and said, "Nah, this big booty is as tough as elephant hide.", and laughed.

Grant loved the view and laughed as well. He watched Brad as he walked across the room and grabbed his shower caddy and towel. His huge erection bobbed up and down and his big bottom jiggled as he moved. Grant was hypnotized. He couldn't take his eyes of his friend. This was nothing new. Brad walked around the dorm room in his underwear or nude all the time. But it was the first time since finding out Grant was gay.

Brad grabbed his stuff and turned to face Grant saying, "Why don't you take a picture." , a stern look on his face.

Grant stammered trying to find the words to apologize. Last night had changed things. This is what he'd been afraid of.

Brad watched Grant stammer and broke out in a fit of laughter. Standing facing Grant with his big erecting bouncing he said, "I'm kidding. I told you last night, man, I don't care if your gay. We are cool. Seriously. I'm fucking with you."

Grant let out a sigh and a huge grin passed over his handsome face, "Don't fuck with me man. Not funny."

Brad warped his towel around his waist as he spoke, "Seriously friends for life man." And he headed out of the dorm room toward the shower. And that was the end of that.

A couple of weeks passed and nothing had changed. Brad and Grant were still best friends sharing a dorm room. The curfew had been lifted so Brad was still dancing at Luke's Hideaway. Brad still walked around the dorm room in just his scant underwear and thongs. In fact he now walked around like this even more often. Brad had always been an attention whore and didn't care where it came from. So now that he knew his best friend and roommate was perving on his big bouncing booty he went out of his way to showing off. Of course Grant had no complaints.

One particular night both young men were in their room studying. Grant in grey sweats and s white T-shirt. Brad in just a pair of black cheek briefs. His huge rump flowed freely from the back. Grant had a paper due in the morning. While Brad was studying for an exam. Grant had printed out his report and was reviewing it for typos. He was sitting at the small table in the center of the room. Brad had his chair pulled back from the table and was bouncing a rubber ball off the wall as he studied his notes.

It had been a long night and both men were feeling it. Grant was on he fifth cup of coffee and Brad was getting punchy. Brad continued bouncing the ball off the wall when all of a sudden he stopped,looked at Grant and said, "Think fast!" His intend had been to fake out his buddy having him think he was going to throw the ball at him when he really had no intention of doing so. However, instead the ball slipped from Brad's grasp and flew across the table in Grant's direction. It missed him but hit his coffee cup spilling coffee all other the table and all over Grant's paper.

Grant jumped to his feet, "What the fuck, Brad! That was my paper!"

Brad jumped to his feet too. "Shit! I'm sorry, man. It was an accident. I just wanted to fake you out."

"Yeah well look what you did! My fucking paper is ruined. I worked on that for weeks!"

"I know I'm sorry. But look just reprint it."

Anger blazed in Grant's eyes. "I can't. I didn't save a copy on my laptop. That's the only copy!"

"What!?", asked Brad. "How could you not have a back up?"

"Are you really gonna lecture me when you fucked up my assignment?!"

"I'm so sorry. I feel terrible. I don't know what I can do to make it up to you.", said Brad.

"Nothing. There is nothing you can do. You really screwed me good, Brad! I'm gonna fail the class now. That paper was 50% of my grade! I oughta kick your ass!"

"Maybe you should.", replied Brad.

"What the fuck are you talking about, man? You want me to kick your ass?!"

"Well...not exactly kick it. I was thinking more like spank it.", replied Brad slowly.

Grant stood there for a moment taking this in. He looked at his roommate skeptically, "You want me to spank you?"

"Well I'm not sure if I'd say I want you to spank me. But I do deserve it. I ruined your paper."

"How will spanking your big ass fix my paper?", asked Grant irritated.

"I guess it won't but I feel bad and I want to do something to make it up to you. And I do deserve to be punished. Then after I'll help you write your paper again."

Grant thought hard about this, "Ok. Yeah you do deserve a spanking." And with that he pulled out a chair and sat down. "Bring me your hairbrush. The wooden one."

"Ok", replied Brad.

"What was that?", asked Grant.

"I said ok. I'll get the brush."

"You will address me as sir. The correct response is 'Yes, sir.", stated Grant.

Brad was taken aback for a brief moment. Grant was being so assertive and aggressive with him. But what was even more shocking to Brad was the fact that he actually liked it. "Yes, sir.", replied Brad as he turned to get the brush.

Grant watched his old friend walk. His head was spinning with excitement. For years he had lusted after his buddy. He watched him shower and change in the locker room. He'd seen him in various states of undress over the years. He had even snuck into Luke's Hideaway and watched Brad where he worked as a male stripped. Then a couple of weeks ago things took an unexpected turn when he got to see Mr. Marshall spank Brad but this, this was a whole new level. In a matter of moments Brad would be across his lap. He would get to caress those meaty cheeks. He would get to spank them and watch them jiggle as he tanned them.

But for now he just watched his friend walk. The cheek briefs covered very little and Brad's gargantuan buns bounced up and down as he walked. Grant gulped as he watched this. He hoped he could remain composed and keep playing the part of stern disciplinarian. He found he liked this role and it appeared that Brad liked him in it.

Brad now stood before Grant brush in hand. He held it out saying, "Here you are, sir."

Then Grant shocked him by reaching out with both hands but rather than take the brush he grabbed hold of either side of his tiny black cheek briefs and yanked them down. Brad's fat schlock popped into view and bounced around. "Let's get rid of these.", stated Grant. "You won't be needing them."

Brad stepped from his scant briefs, which were now around his ankles. Again Grant's aggressive manner both surprised and intrigued him. He now stood before his best friend completely naked and exposed. Grant had seen him naked before of course but this was different. Grants eyes openly gazed over Brad's body. Brad had allowed many men spank his big bottom to avoid trouble and could admit to himself that yes he did like being spanked, he even got off on it. And while he'd had girlfriends spank him in the past as part of foreplay there was something about the firm strong hand of a man that a woman could not compare to. But still he never imagined himself in this scenario with Grant. There was something different about this. Maybe it was because they had been friends for so long but there was an intimacy to this that Brad could not explain. He found his heart pounding so fast he was afraid it may beat right out of his chest.

Grant looked up at his roommate and said, "Get over my lap."

Brad handed him the brush and climbed over his buddies lap. His back arched and his huge butt pushed out. He wiggled around on Grants lap trying to find the right spot to rest. Grant could feel Brad's flaccid dick press into his thigh. Grant's own heart was racing. He raised the wooden hair brush and brought it down hard on Brad's backside. CRACK!!! Brad threw back his head and arched his back. His large rump quivered. Again Grant raised the brush and brought it down.

Brad felt the pain course through his oversized ass cheeks. But it was a good pain. An arousing pain. He wanted more. No, he needed more.

Now that Grant had a couple of practice seats in he moved forward with determination. He raised and lowered the brush repeatedly on Brad's creamy white bottom.


Brad could feel his smooth buns jiggle with each hit. Grant licked his lips as he watched his best friends enormous butt quiver and dance under his control. Brad found himself wiggling on Grants lap, his penis grinding into his leg, growing. He kicked his legs like an errant child arched his back and cried out in a mixture of pain/pleasure.


Grantbcould feel Brad's cock growing as it rubbed into his thigh. And Grant had no doubt Brad could feel his own fat prick had grown to it's full 8" but he didn't care. He continued his assault on Brad's glowing posterior.


Brad was wincing in pain but loving every minute of it. Grant had a strong hand and knew how to spank. He was aggressive and in charge. Brad loved a firm hand. He craved it. And he had found it in his buddy. Brad continued writhing in Grant's lap. He knew he'd cum soon. His fully hard dick fell between Grant's thighs and swung free. Brad moaned with lust as Grant continued to dominate him.

"I'm getting close to cumming, Grant!", called out Brad.

"The hell you are!", yelled Grant as he reached down between his legs and wrapped his hand tightly around Brad's dick and balls. He had a firm grip and then squeezed. The pressure prohibited Brad from ejaculating.

Then Grant said "You will cum when I say you can cum."

Again Brad found himself shocked at Grant's demeanor but also incredibly aroused. Without even thinking Brad replied, "Yes, sir."

Grant dropped the brush to the floor while keeping his grip on Brad's prick. He was not done spanking the muscular jock yet but wanted to continue with his hand so he could feel those soft round cheeks.


Brad threw his head back and arched his back as his roommate brought his bare hand down over and over on his over inflated butt. "Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!", wailed Brad.

Despite the continued beating on his large tender bottom and the tight grip preventing him from cumming Brad remained hard. There was something about being under Grant's control that he found very arousing. He was not permitted sexual release until it was granted by his buddy and for some reason that thought was driving Brad into a sexual frenzy.

Brad's lard ass was now a bright pink bordering on red. It quivered and shook wildly. Grant licked his lips at this sight. He loved Brad's ass. The size. The shape. It was the perfect blend of muscle and fat. It had just the right amount of jiggle and bounce to it. Grant stopped spanking for a moment and just allowed his hand to graze his buddies ample backside. He could feel the heat radiating from it. Then he grabbed a handful of Brad's glowing bottom and felt it up. No pretense he just spent some time fondling his best friends colossal ass. And Brad just laid there over his lap and let him.
Then once again Grant raised his hand and brought it down on Brad's sweet melons picking up the spanking right where he'd left off.


By this point Brad was screaming and kicking his legs like a naughty little boy. His ass was on fire and his balls were aching. He really needed to cum. "Please, Grant, I beg you let me cum, man. I really need release!"

This was the thing that sent Grant over the edge. The combination of seeing Brad's huge ass bare. Having him over his lap. Spanking him. Holding his dick in his hand. And now hearing him beg for permission to cum. Grant let out a loud scream as he unloaded in his sweat pants. Brad could feel the warm sticky jizz against his stomach as it coated the front of his buddies sweats.

Grant let go of Brad's cock but continued to spank his big butt. Without Grant's hand acting as a cock ring preventing him from cumming Brad exploded himself. Blast after blast of jizz erupted from the 19 year olds swollen prick. Some hit the legs of Grant's sweats and some hit the dorm room floor. Brad screamed out in ecstasy as his seed spilled out.

Grant stopped spanked and Brad slipped from his lap to the floor. He looked up at his buddy and jokingly said, "Looks like you made a mess of yourself man."

"Shut the fuck up.", laughed Grant. "You're one to talk. You sure do love being spanked." Brad couldn't deny it so he just smiled. "I guess we should get cleaned up so we can get started on your paper."

"Don't worry about it.", said Grant as he pulled off his cum soaked sweats and T so that he was now as naked as Brad.

"What do you mean don't worry about it? Isn't it due tomorrow?"

"Yes, but I actually do have a back up. I can just reprint it.", said Grant with a smile.

It took a moment for this to register with Brad but finally it did. "Wait a minute. You knew all along you had a backup saved? You mean you set me up so you could spank me?"

"You set yourself up, man. I never suggested spanking you. That was your idea. In fact you seemed rather eager to offer up your big butt to be spanked.", replied Grant.

"Why you little shit!", blurted out Brad as he playfully hurdled himself at his roommate.

The two naked young men landed on Grant's bed. They rolled around on top of one another not caring that they were both nude and semi erect. They laughed as they "fought" one another. Somehow Brad wound up on top of Grant. He sat on his buddies chest with his jumbo ass aimed a this face. Grant struggled causing Brad to move back. He readjusted himself and plopped his huge ass back down on Grant's face.

Everything went black for Grant as those two huge melons wrapped around his face and his air supply was cut short. But Grant did not complain. This was his dream come true, Brad was actually sitting on his face. It may not have happened the way he saw it in his fantasies but it was happening all the same.

Brad was now grinding his ass into Grant's face playfully saying, "That's it you fucker. That's what you get."

Brad had no idea how much Grant was loving this. He let his tongue dart out and make contact with his buddies tight pink button then slipped his tongue deep inside Brad. This startled Brad causing him to jump up. But only for a second. Then he was the back downing op of Grant. The two laughed and rolled around on the bed. Brad was now on top of Grant with just inches between their faces. They stopped wrestling and just looked at one another. Their eyes met and locked. Something stirred in Brad. Something he'd never felt before. He moved his face forward. He wanted to kiss Grant full on the mouth but he stopped himself and instead broke the moment busy laughing and falling back on the bed. "I can't believe you had a back up the whole time."

"You deserved it. You need to be more careful next time.", responded Grant with a grin.

"Well since you don't have to worry about your paper lets get dressed and go grab a pizza.", said Brad.

"Deal.", replied Grant nonchalantly.

Neither man said it but they both knew what almost transpired between them. They had almost shared a kiss. Even more than that Brad truly wanted to kiss Grant on his full lips. But it wasn't to be. Not tonight anyway. So instead the friends dressed and headed out for pizza not realizing that they had come one step closer to becoming lovers.

The End


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    1. Thank you. I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed it. I have written more on Brad than an other character. He still remains one of my favorites to write.

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