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Brad: Golf Course Spanking, Part 11

by BubbleButtLuvr

Brad Tomkins had dreaded making this call all day but, he knew he had to do it. Brad was in his freshman year of college and had lost another job due to his laziness and bad attitude. He had hoped to find another job before depleting his funds but had been unsuccessful. Now he had to call his father and ask to borrow some money. It wasn't that his father couldn't afford it. He could. And Brad knew that he would help him. He just hated the lecture that would come along with it.

The truth of the matter was that Brad had spent most of his life coasting by on his athletic ability, good looks and larger than average rump. At 19 Brad was quite handsome with his sandy brown hair and dark eyes, which complimented his chiseled features. Much like his father Brad had been blessed with a perfectly round, larger than average bubble butt. As early as junior high he had learned the power of his big meaty man cakes. He found everyone staring at it, boys, girls, men, women and even teachers. He learned that there wasn't anything he couldn't get all he had to do was use his beefy buns and the world was his.

In high school Brad started wrestling on the school team and became quite good at it. He began working out regularly building his body up, which of course included his already massive posterior. He was even able to use his wrestling expertise to get a partial scholarship to college. As previously stated Brad was able to use his big jiggly buns to get his own way. There was only one exception to this, his father. Brad was powerless when it came to him. So he had to listen to the endless lectures on irresponsibility.

Brad's father had practically raised him on his own after his mother ran out and left the family when Brad was very young. For the most part Lawrence Tomkins had done a great job in raising his son. However, Brad was a little too cocky and lazy for his own good. Lawrence tried as best he could to curb this in his son. Though financially sound Lawrence still insisted that Brad get a job just like everyone else so that he could earn his own way and learn responsibility. Therefore this wasn't the first job Brad had lost.

Well, the time had come. Sitting alone in his dorm room Brad punched the speed dial on his cell for his father's number. It rang twice and the familiar voice of his father came on the line."Hello."


"Brad. It's good to hear your voice. How are you, son?"

"I hope you feel that way after I tell you what I have to.", said Brad somewhat pensively.

"I don't like the sound of that.", replied Lawrence.

There was no turning back now. Brad launched into the story of how he had been fired from his current job due to laziness and a bad attitude. And without fail Mr. Tomkins went into the usual tirade about responsibility and acting like a responsible adult. Along with these lectures Brad's father always felt the need to remind Brad of one of his past failures. This time he choose to bring up Brad's job at the Country Club his senior year of high school. Brad had almost forgotten that job and maybe he could if his Dad would stop bringing up his past failures. But he needed the money so he had to listen. Or at least pretend too.

As his father spoke Brad's mind wandered to that job his father insisted he take at the Country Club. It really wasn't that long ago, just this past summer. Brad and his family had been members at the Country Club as long as he could remember. Mr. Tomkins decided that it would be the ideal job for Brad. Brad resisted of course but his father threatened to take away his car for the summer if he did not get a job so in the end Brad had to relent.

Brad's boss was Mr. Armbruster. Mr. Armbruster was a short little feminine wisp of a man in his late forties. What hair he had left he always wore slicked back and he always wore a thin mustache that Brad had always thought he penciled on. Mr. Armbruster resented Brad. He had worked at the Country Club as long as the Tomkins had been members. He had watched Brad grow up and had noticed his bad attitude. Oh, certainly the 18 year old high school senior was indeed something to look at. And those meat ass cheeks. Mr. Armbruster loved to watch this kid swim laps in the pool. But even that he did with attitude. He knew he was hot and he liked to flaunt it. That disturbed Mr. Armbruster who had to work hard for what he had gotten. And now this spoiled young man had been handed a job because his father was a prominent member at the country club.

Of course Brad knew that Mr. Armbruster was gay and that he enjoyed looking at his body. He didn't care. He enjoyed the attention and went out of his way to make the older man horny and uncomfortable. As his father continued to lecture Brad he thought about his first day on the job. Mr. Armbruster presented Brad with the outfit that he would wear at his job of waiter. He would of course work the dining room as well as the patio. He was also expected to deliver drinks to the members out on the golf course. Brad found himself looking at the outfit he had been handed. The top was a pale blue three button pull over and his pants were thin white cotton shorts. Just by looking at the shorts he knew they were too small. He could tell by the look in Mr. Armbruster's eyes that he also knew they would be too small. Brad decided to screw with Mr. Armbruster a little.

Brad went into the employee’s locker room and began to undress. He strip down to just his underwear. Today Brad wore an orange thong. Brad always tended to wear very small revealing underwear. The main reason for this was his enormous back side. Because of the size of it boxers seemed to rid up too much and traditional briefs cut into his thigh. However, bikini briefs hand much larger leg bands and although they tended to ride up high over his meaty butt muffins they never dug in but rather cradled his buns. And of course with a thong there were no leg bands at all to dig into his firm young flesh.

Brad slipped on leg then the other into the shorts. They were tight so he had to wiggle his rump to get it into the undersized shorts. He managed to get the shorts fastened and pulled the polo shirt over his head tucking it in. As he stood there looking in the full length mirror he noticed that his bright orange thong was clearly visible through the thin material of his outfit. He looked at his orange package and the turned to look at his ass in the mirror. It was quite obvious that he was in a thong as the pouch was clearly visible through the front but there was clearly no underwear line in back. Just the dark crevasse between two mountains of ass.

Mr. Armbruster had to hold back a gulp as Brad emerged from the locker room. Again he thought as much as he resented this kid he was something to look at. He set Brad to work immediately. The older man watched as Brad made his way around the dinning room, his big butt bouncing obscenely in the tight shorts. Other members were aware of this as well. In fact all eyes were on the 18 year olds plump rump.

Things went along like this most of the day. But it had been a long day and as tired as Brad was so were his shorts. They had worked hard to keep his melon like ass enclosed but the strain had been great and without warning as Brad made his way from the kitchen with a tray full of food his shorts decided to give way. There was a loud R-R-R-R-R-R-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-P-P-P-P-P-P-P!!!!!! And then Brad's perfectly round ass came popping out the back of his shorts like a bull from a shoot. Everyone in the restaurant turned to look his way. Both Brad's hands were full so he couldn't cover himself all he could do was continue to the table with the order, his plum ass jiggling ever so slightly as he did so. No one tried to hide the fact that they were openly staring at the teens meaty rump. Mr. Armbruster let out a gasp. Brad thought for sure he'd be fired. He knew his dad would be pissed but this hadn't been his fault. Fortunately he wasn't let go but rather reassigned to the golf course as a caddy.

The next day Brad was given a new uniform. The shorts fit better this time but on Brad's large ass they were still tight. However after the previous days mishap Brad had opted to wear a pair of bikini briefs. Their purple color was visible underneath his thin white shorts. Truthfully the bikini wasn't mush bigger than the thong he had worn the day before. And the fact that it was riding up high on Brad's butt was clearly visible.

Brad had been reassigned to the golf course and was to caddy for Mr. Wilhauser. Mr. Wilhauser had been a member since the beginning of time. Brad always knew him to be old. Even when Brad was a very small boy Mr. Wilhauser had thinning white hair. Brad wasn't sure if he had prematurely turned white or if he was really as old as he appeared. But despite his age (whatever it was) he was a very active older man and did seem to posses a strength that many younger men did not have. But, Brad never really liked the man. He was always mean and crabby snapping at everyone and making life miserable for the help at the club. Brad was not looking forward to caddying for this man. He figured this was going to be one long day.

Things started out on a bad note when Brad showed up five minutes late for Mr. Wilhauser’s golf date with Mr. Hampshire. Mr. Wilhauser then gave him a five minute lecture on the importance of punctuality. Causing the golf date to be delayed even further. The round of golf finally began but that didn't stop Mr. Wilhauser's lecture. In between holes he would continue to tell Brad just what he thought of the younger generation and the way they were never on time. This carried over into some ramblings on how Brad and his kind had no sense of responsibility or pride in their work. Soon this carried over into Brad's appearance. Mr. Wilhauser was appalled at the fact that Brad's shirt was not neatly pressed and wrinkle free. Then of course there was the way Brad wore his hair. The older man felt that it should be combed neatly and parted on one side instead of having that "wild carefree look to it", as he had put it. Next Mr. Wilhauser took the chance to comment on Brad's shorts, which he felt were way too tight and obscene.

"Turn around!", ordered the old man.

Brad did as instructed biting his lip as he did so. "See!!!" shouted Mr. Wilhauser. "Look at that! Your underwear is clearly visible through those shorts!!! Obscene!! Don't you agree Mr. Hampshire?"

The other man couldn't take his eyes of the roundness and fullness of Brad's ample backside. He had no complaints whatsoever about Brad's outfit. He loved the way the thin white cotton hugged his massive ass cakes. He loved the fact that the young man's purple bikini briefs were visible underneath and that they were working there way up over the mountain of his ass and into the deep dark valley of his crack. But of course he could not say all of that so he just responded with, "Obscene!"

Looking over his shoulder Brad said, "Yes, Sir I know they are tight. These were the shorts I was given to wear by Mr. Armbruster. He said there was no larger size available."

"HHMMMFFF.", grunted Mr. Wilhauser. "Nonsense. And even if that were so your underpants are clearly visible through that thin material. You would think you could have picked a pair that would have fit over your large rump better and maybe something a little less bright than purple. Maybe a pair of white boxers would have been more appropriate for that outfit!! And can't you do something about the way your ass sticks out so far? It's way too large!!!"

That was it Brad had held his tongue for twelve holes but this man would not let up. He made Brad feel as though every problem with the world was somehow the fault of his generation and that somehow they had caused all these problems by not pressing their shirts neatly or styling their hair the right way. But this was way too much. Now Mr. Wilhauser was going to stand their and criticize the size of his ass, something he had no control over, and berate his choice of underpants making him explain and defend why he wore the style he wore. That was the last straw. Something snapped and without thinking Brad fired back. Turning he looked Mr. Wilhauser in the eye and said, "I have an idea. If you don't like my choice of underwear or the size of my ass why don't you just stop looking at it you fuckin' old pervert!!!"

Mr. Wilhauser actually took two steps back trying to get his bearings. "What did you say to me!?"

"You heard me! I have listened to your endless lecture all morning. I am sorry I was late. I apologized for that already. But ever since I showed up you have done nothing but criticize me. And now to critique my choice of underwear and the size of my ass it is way too much! You need to mind your own business!"

"We'll just see about that!", yelled the older man. "I'll have a talk with Mr. Armbruster and tell him how disrespectful his help is. You'll be out of here so fast you won't know what hit you!!! And I'll also see what I can do about having your families membership revoked! No one talks to me this way."

That's when the seriousness of what he had just done hit Brad. It would be bad enough to get fired and lose his car for the summer but to lose his father's membership to the club was not something he could have happen. His father loved this place. Why hadn't he just bit his tongue? Brad looked from Mr. Wilhauser to Mr. Hampshire. Mr. Wilhauser's eyes were hard and mean while Mr. Hampshire's eyes seemed to say "I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do to help"

Brad began to back peddle. "I'm sorry Mr. Wilhauser, Sir. I should never have spoken to you that way. I was out of line. Please forgive me."

"That's right you were out of line. But don't think you sad little apology will save you. I am going to speak with Mr. Armbruster. If I had spoken to my elders when I was your age like you just spoke to me I'd have had my hide tanned with my father's belt, young man!!!"

And that's when the idea hit Brad. He had used his ass to get out of trouble before--so why not now. Let the old man punish him the way he thought he should be punished in exchange for him not talking to Mr. Armbruster. It was worth a try. "Your right.", said Brad sheepishly. "I was totally out of line and I should be punished for what I have done. But, if I may say so my father had nothing to do with my behavior today and if he loses his membership he will really be the one getting punished and not me. Maybe you and I could work out some sort of punishment between us. Whatever you think is fair." Brad said the last part with a sly devilish look in his eye and even went so far as to turn his ass slightly toward Mr. Wilhauser letting him know that he would submit to a good old fashioned spanking.

Mr. Hampshire picked up on this and grew very excited at the prospect of getting to see this fine young man's ass spanked. He spoke to Mr. Wilhauser, "That seems fair. He is willing to take whatever punishment yo see fit to give. And like he said it is not his fathers fault so why should he be punished?"

Mr. Wilhauser looked sternly at Brad. "So if I agree not to get you fired and have your membership revoked you will submit to my brand of punishment? Whatever it is?"

Brad knew he had him where he want him now. "Yes, sir"

"Okay then. As I stated before if I had shown such disrespect my father would have taken his belt to my backside. I think that a good tanning on you ample bottom will teach you respect. So follow me." With that Mr. Wilhauser turned and headed toward a clump of trees bordering the golf course.

Brad and Mr. Hampshire followed behind. Mr. Hampshire was no longer pretending he was not openly oogling Brad's meaty buns. Brad laughed to himself knowing that the old guy couldn't wait to see his ass get whipped. He didn't care let the old perverts see his ass and spank it a little. If it got him out of a jam it was worth it. Once inside the cluster of trees Mr. Wilhauser turned to Brad and ordered him to lower his shorts.

Brad knew this drill all too well and he was going to take this opportunity to tease thesee two old perverts. He lowered his shorts slowly revealing his bright purple bikini briefs underneath. They were very skimpy and barely contained his manhood. His pubes were visible above the waist band as he raised his shirt tail to give the two older man a better look. Mr. Hampshire gulped and Mr. Wilhauser instructed him to turn around. Brad did so revealing his huge backside. It was perfectly shaped and firm with just the right amount of bounce. The little bikini rode up high on it exposing way more cheek than it covered. Mr. Wilhauser ordered Brad to reach out and place his hands on the tree before him--legs straight and spread. Back arched ass out. Brad did all of this all the while laughing to himself. Only minutes ago he was at the mercy of this old man and now through the power of his ass he was able to manipulate him. And the best part was that Mr. Wilhauser didn't even know he was being manipulated. He still thought he had the control.

Even Mr. Wilhauser was enjoying the sight of the muscular teen’s almost bared ass. Though that was something he'd never admit to. "Underpants down to. I want you bare assed for this."

Brad had expected this. He reached back slowly and seductively and lowered his bikini teasingly bending at the waist to push the small garment to his ankles. As he bent his cheek spread and from in between his sweet young ass hole peeked out at the two men. Brad straightened up and repositioned himself like Mr. Wilhauser had instructed. He could hear the sound of the old man's belt unbuckle and pull through the loops. There was a loud whip like sound as the belt cut through the open air and then a loud SMACK as the belt made contact with Brad's exposed ass mountains.


For an older man Mr. Wilhauser had a lot of strength. He kept bringing the belt down hard on Brad's tender ass. Leaving pink stripes across his creamy white ass flesh. Mr. Hampshire was practically dancing with excitement as he watch the violation of Brad's ass. And as always Brad felt that same old stirring within himself. He could not explain and probably never could but something about having his butt spanked always aroused him. Always. And it didn't matter who it was that was delivering the blows. Something about the intense pain caused intense pleasure somewhere with in him and that was once again made evident by his growing cock. Brad was by no means gay. But again there was something sexually stimulating in having his backside spanked and Mr. Wilhauser certainly knew how to spank an ass.


Brad's manhood had grown to it's full potential now. As He stood there with his arms stretched out grabbing the tree. Legs spread his cock began bouncing between his legs. At first it was not very visible but with each whack the youth's ass turned redder and redder and his dick got harder and harder. It was now hard a s a rock and bobbing very visibly between muscular thighs. Mr. Hampshire noticed it first and pointed it out to Mr. Wilhauser. All he said was "Look" and then pointed. But Brad knew what he was referring too. By this point his ass was on fire and he was so incredibly aroused that he didn't care. At the sight of seeing Brad's hard cock and realizing that he was enjoying this Mr. Wilhauser really began to bring the belt down hard and fast.


Brad was dancing and jumping around at the sudden increase in speed and intensity. But his erection did not subside. By now his prick was leaking precum and he knew it was only seconds before he spilled his seed out onto the ground. He could practically hear old Mr. Hampshire licking his lisp as Mr. Wilhauser beat his ass until it was numb.


The whacks continued and Brad had finally reached his breaking point. He knew it was inevitable. He knew that he was going to cum. He could hold it back no longer and with the next SMACK of the belt Mr. Wilhauser literally beat the cum right out of Brad. Brad let out a loud "AAAAHHHHHH!!!!" as his hot white jizz poured from his big hairy nuts and out his thick prick. Some hit the ground and some hit the tree he was holding onto while still another drop landed on his shoe. SMACK!!! Came the last whip from the belt.

Both Mr. Wilhauser & Mr. Hampshire stood completely still and in awe of what they had just seen. Mr. Wilhauser spoke, "I can't believe you! Turn around!" Brad did as instructed. His cock was till hard and his own juices were dripping from the tip. "That is another problem with your generation. You can't wait for anything. Everything is about immediate gratification!"

Brad couldn't believe his ears. He was now being lectured on ejaculating too quickly. He knew that there was no way to win with this man and if he had to caddy for him all summer he'd go insane. So calmly he cleaned his dick off with the end of his shirt and pulled his underpants and shorts back up. He walked over to Mr. Wilhauser and quietly said, "Go fuck yourself." And with that he turned and walked off leaving both men standing there. Mr. Wilhauser continued to scream and yell but Brad paid him no mind. He knew he would be fired and that his family would probably lose their membership to the club but he could not deal with this man all summer.

As he had predicted Mr. Wilhauser did manage to get him fired. However, he was unsuccessful in getting his families membership revoked so that was at least something.

"BRAD!!!!", Brad was snapped back into the present by the sound of his father's voice on the other end of the phone. "Are you listening to a word I am saying young man?!"

"Yes, sir.", Brad lied.

"Well, I certainly hope so! You tend to let your mind wander when you don't like what you are hearing! That reminds me of the time...", and with that Lawrence Tomkins went into another example of something his son had done wrong in the past.

Brad just sighed to himself and couldn't help but think that this was going to be a long night.

The End

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  1. Another great story! By far this site's best feature! I'm still waiting on Glen to get his ass eaten out though! Oh and a story with fart play too! Lol