Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bryan Hawn - Wiggle

Bryan Hawn, the man with the perfect ass, is back with another one of his parody's. This time he takes on Jason Derulo's Wiggle. With lines like How'd you fit all them jeans?, Your booty look like two planets & You know what to do with that big fat butt, this is the perfect song for the ever sexy Bryan Hawn. Killer good looks, chiseled body and like the song says a big fat butt. Check out the stills below and a sample of his video on YouTube at . 


  1. Amazing! At first, I wasn't too impressed with Bryan's butt but these pics indicate he's worked on it, and it looks bigger and fuller. it looks great now. What ar his waist and hips measurements? I hoping to see more of him as well as a new Brad story.

  2. I have always loved Bryan's ass. Sadly, I don't know his measurements. I will post more of him in the future. As for a new Brad story I am not working on one now but do have more plans for him the future. Thanks for asking.