Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More With Sweet BubbleBe

I know this is the third round of pics I've posted on SweetBubbleBe in the past few weeks. Some of you will remember his pics from my old blog as well as his own blog (which no longer exists) and I still have his pics up on my Flickr account. Anyway, a couple of years ago he closed his blog and email account said good-bye and sort of checked out. Well, after I posted the first round of pics he emailed me privately and we have started communicating again. His ass is still as plump as ever and he is still as kinky as ever. With his permission I am passing along his email address, . He encourages emails and hot trashy talk about his plump round rump. He is a sexy straight family man with a secret kiny side as you can tell from the pics below. He took these special for me a few years back after spanking himself.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, my favorite is still the first pic with my oh so round left cheek!

  2. I love sharing your jumbo cheeks. And I like how much you like showing them off.