Saturday, June 1, 2013

Readers Rump - The Return of Ian

Well, guys, Ian is back. An in an attempt to prove that his ass really does measure in at 37" he has been kind enough to take a tape measure to it and measure it for us both in and out of his tight red briefs. Please take a minute to tell him what you think of his round rump.


  1. Lovely pictures. Ian really is shaping up to be my favourite guy on here! The pictures of that delightful bubble really do compliment the wonderful story.

    I love how slim waisted he is and his skinny legs and then that round bubblebutt which you can tell is completely natural. It looks firm but with just the right amount of fat for a nice jiggle when you spank it.

    What I would give to be the tailor who gets to measure that beauty!


  2. That is one of the finest pieces of ass I have seen in a long time!! - Whoever gets buried in that is a lucky boy ;)

  3. Love the sexy look of this boys butt - the tape measure is so sexy looped around that round, smooth bum - gives depth and individual look to such a good looking image.

  4. Ultra hot . . . what more can I say? I think he needs to measure the length and depth of his crack next.

  5. OMG. That is one amazing arse. Gotta be one of the best bubble butts ive ever seen. Love to tap that one day. Jealous of whoever gets to kiss that at night. x

  6. Please . . . let us see more! He has the hottest ass on here ever . . . so sexy and cheeky and real. He's not all beefy and muscular but a normal guy with a large bubble on a skinny body. I would love to spank him. Nothing too hard, more playful. Love to see his cheeks jiggle. Can you get some vids of this guy?

    Would really love to humiliate him too. Watch him change into his suit trousers from the story and then pull the curtain open just when he's in his tiny little briefs. Pants him when he's in a shop. Put drawing pin on his chair and watch that big bubble sit on top of it. Maybe even pull the back of his pants out and pour some horrible gungy stuff down the back.

    I have wanked so many times look at his pictures and reading the story.

    Get more of him on here ASAP please!