Sunday, November 11, 2012

Brad: Spanked At The Library Part 8

by BubbleButtLuvr

Brad Tomkins was a procrastinator. He had a paper due on General Patton Monday morning at 8:00 A.M. and he had barely begun. He would have to spend all weekend working on it. It was 15 minutes before the campus library closed and Brad needed to get a few books for research. He made his way to the counter and placed the three books he had chosen on the counter. Then panic set in, he couldn't find his library card or student ID. He remembered now he left them in his dorm on his desk. Damn!

And Scott Penlow was the librarian on duty tonight. No one liked Scott. It wasn't that he was a bad guy just one of those people who was a stickler for the rules. Anyone else he could probably shmooze but Scott would be work and he only had 15 minutes.

"Your library card?" asked Scott.

"I've got a small problem. I accidentally left it in my dorm with my ID."

"No card no books," said Scott.

"I understand but, couldn't you make an exception? I have a paper due Monday and really need them over the weekend," explained Brad giving one of his killer smiles.

"Sorry rules are rules. If you didn't return them I could lose my job," responded Scott. Now if you'll excuse me I have some work to do." And with that Scott walked into the back room.

Brad got an idea. He'd slip the books into his book bag. It wasn't stealing. He'd return the after his report was done. And since the library was closed over the weekend no one would even miss them. He'd bring them back first thing Monday morning. So Brad opened his bag and slid in the books and headed for the exit quickly.

Brad stepped through the first set of doors and a loud alarm sounded. This startled Brad causing him to drop his backpack. Brad bent down to pick it up and as he did he heard a loud RRRRRIIIPPPPPP!!!! His tan Dockers had split down the back, right down the seam. As they did so he massive ass came bursting through. This wasn't the first time this happened to Brad. The fact was Brad had an unusually large ass and had trouble getting pants to fit over it and when he did they were too big everywhere else.

The next problem Brad had was the fact that he had worn his gray thong today so when his pants split and his ass came popping through it was his bare ass. He also wore a light blue t-shirt that stopped just at his waist so he couldn't even pull that down to cover his ass. Brad tried pulling his pants together but it was no use.

At that moment Scott came running out from the back and was greeted by the sight of Brads big bare muffins bent over in his face. "What's going on here!" demanded Scott grabbing Brad by the arm and pulling him back into the library.

Once Brad and the book bag were back inside the alarm stopped. Scott grabbed the bag from Brad and began to unzip it.

"Hey, you have no right to do that!" protested Brad, his big wrestlers ass still sticking out.

"I have reason to believe that you were attempting to steal school property and I have every right to do this." argued Scott.

Once the bag was open Scott pulled out the three books that Brad was planning to "borrow". "And what do you call this, Brad?"

"Look Scott I was gonna bring them back first thing Monday. I just needed them for my report," explained Brad.

"I see it as stealing and I'm sure campus security will agree with me," said Scott heading for the phone.

"No!" pleaded Brad chasing Scott to the phone as his big exposed ass bounced up and down. Then Brad knew what he had to do to get out of this. He only hoped it would work with Scott. "Look Scott can't we work this out between us? I'm sure you can come up with something." And with that Brad turned his bare gluts slightly in Scott's direction.

"Well, maybe we could work something out," agreed Scott with an evil grin.

Brad just grinned, "I'll do whatever you say, Scott."

"Good we'll start by having you call me Mr. Penlow from now on," said Scott as he headed for the door and locked. He then flipped the sign from open to closed. "I think you need a lesson in respect Brad. You need to learn to respect school property as well as me."

"Yes, Sco...Mr. Penlow."

"That's a good boy. Now I think the best way to drive my point home is through the seat of your pants," said Scott

Brad gulped, "Yes Mr. Penlow."

"Now drop what's left of those pants," ordered Scott.

"Yes, Mr. Penlow," said Brad as he unbuckled his belt. He then undid the button and pulled down the zipper. Since his ass was totally ripped out of his pants they weren't hard to wiggle out of. Now Brad stood before the librarian in just his light blue t-shirt and gray thong.

"Okay Brad bend over the research table," was the next instructions given by Scott.

Brad turned his big rump to Scott and headed for the table. He then bent over the table sticking his big mounds out as far as he could. Scott eyed his beefy ass up like a dog eyeing a bone. He then came up behind Brad and reared back his right arm and brought it down hard on his fleshy posterior.

"MMM!" moaned Brad

"Now you need to respect school property," said Scot as he brought his hand down again.


Brad began to shift from foot to foot as the pain started to build. As he moved back and forth his big loaves jiggled back and forth. He was moaning in a combination of pleasure and pain. Scott just kept spanking away.

"I want you to count each whack I give you, Brad. Out loud.", ordered Scott as he brought his hand down on Brads thong clad ass yet again.

"One," counted Brad.

"I can't hear you. Louder."

"Two," Brad raised his voice.

"That's good keep going," instructed Scott.

"Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven....", Brad continued to count as Scott continued to spanked his meaty jock ass.

The sound of Brad's exposed ass flesh being slapped echoed off the walls of the empty library. Brad's ass was now glowing from the beating he was receiving but he kept sticking his big cheeks out waiting for the next blow and counting. Then as had happened in the past Brad felt his manhood grow inside his skimpy thong. The feeling of submitting to someone else and the burning in his ass were an aphrodisiac to Brad.

"Thirty-two. Thirty-three. Thirty-four...." Brad continued counting.

"That's good. Keep counting."


Brad's ass was burning as his large cock throbbing. He could feel the sperm building up in his big nuts and knew it was only moments before he filled the front of his thong with a load of his own hot goo. Scott continued to spank Brad as the hot 19 year old pushed his ass back into each swing. Though he couldn't explain it this was very erotic Brad.

"Ohhh!! Mr. Penlow! I'm gonna cum!!!" shouted Brad. He then clenched his big firm ass and Scott brought down his hand on last time. Brad felt the rush of cum pouring from his cock. The warm jizz filling the pouch of his thong.

"Stand and face me," ordered Scott.

Brad did as he was told. When he turned to face Scott his cock was still hard as a board and popping out the waistband of his little thong. The front of it saturated with his own cum some of it even got on his t-shirt. Brad was slightly embarrassed and hung his head as he blushed.

"Alright. I guess we're even now. You can put what's left of your pants on and go," said Scott.

Brad picked up his pants and put them back on. Though it really didn't matter much since the back was ripped out. Now not only was his ass visible to anyone he past heading back to the campus but it was also apparent that he had just been spanked. Brad turned to go, his big red ass sticking out the back of his Dockers at Scott.

"Brad," Called Scott.

Brad turned, "Yes Mr. Penlow?"

Scott scanned the books Brad had tried to sneak out over the demagnetized so they wouldn't set off the alarm then held them up, "Don't you need these for your report?"

"But, I thought..." began Brad.

"Well let's just say I'm making an exception. And if these books are not back first thing Monday morning then next time I see you your ass will be red for a month.", said Scott as he handed the books to Brad.

"Yes Mr. Penlow. Thank-you.," said Brad.

Then Brad turned his glowing ass to Scott and left. He walked back to his dorm room with his big red ass on display for all to see. The cool night air soothed his sore ass as he thought maybe Scott Penlow wasn't so bad after all.

The End


  1. My favorite Brad scene was the pool scene with the coach. Could you write one and the persons name is Justin Matos and post it? I like how descriptive the stories are!

  2. These Brad stories are the best you write. More, please!

  3. Thank you both. Over the next month or so I will be posting old Brad stories leading up to a Christmas themed Brad story. I do plan on writing some new Brad stuff in the future. I'm not sure I understand the request, you want me to writeb a Brad story and include a character named Justin Matos? Is that what you are asking?

    1. I was seeing if he could be the main character (the one with the big butt, the similar things that happen to Brad would happen to Justin)?

  4. I'm still waiting for glen to get his ass eaten! Oh and a story with farts especially! Lol! *patiently waiting*