Sunday, June 10, 2012

Agent 69: First Ass Pounding

by BubbleButtLuvr

Pierce Tanner, better know to those at the Bureau as Agent 69, found himself in trouble yet again. He had been following a lead to Carlton Majors, the notorious drug kingpin. His lead led him to an elegant swaray being held at Mr. Majors estate. Pierce had wangled himself an invitation and dressed to the nines in his tuxedo. He had managed to slip away during the party and find his way to Mr. Majors office. He had no sooner opened his top desk drawer when he heard a sound behind him. He turned to see who it was but never did. There was a burst of light as something hit him in the head followed by darkness before he slipped into unconsciousness.

He was now regaining consciousness. As his eyes began to focus he could see that he was lying on the floor of Carlton's office. He tried to move but realized he could not. His legs were bound together and his arms tied behind his back. In his mouth was a rubber ball gag with a leather strap snapped behind his head. It was secured tightly to prevent him from making even the slightest sound.

His clothes had been stripped from his muscular frame and lay in a heap in the corner. The only thing that stood between him and complete nakedness were the scant bikini briefs he had a fondness for. Today's pair were red cotton/Lycra backless bikini briefs with scant quarter inch sides. And his ample ass flowed from the back freely.

Pierce was quit a specimen of manhood. Rough and rugged. And even at four-five years old he was better built then mere boys half his age. He was beefy and muscular with muscles that rippled through his arms. His chest was shaved smooth, broad and full with plump pert nipples. His waist tapered into a V shape and then ballooned out in back. His ass was ridiculously huge with the kind of unrealistic measurements that you read about in gay erotica. But Pierce's was all real. As if that weren't enough between his legs hung a thick 9" cut meat stick with low hanging balls. Once again Pierce took great care to keep his cock and nut sack bald. His thighs were thick and meaty. They were the legs of a man who spent far to much time in the gym but the results were absolute perfection.

His face could have been chiseled by Michelangelo. The jaw line was square and perfectly shaped with high check bones and a cleft chin. His hair which was once jet black was now sprinkled liberally with gray. But this only added to his looks rather than detract from. It was the perfect sprinkling of salt and pepper. Add to that his piercing blue eyes, which was why his parents named him Pierce, and you had the perfect picture of a "daddy" for any self respecting twink.

But Pierce was not looking to be a daddy. He was straight. And his line of work didn't leave much time even for the ladies. Oh, sure there was always time for a quick roll in the hay but no time to settle down with anyone for a serious relationship.

At this moment all Pierce could think of was trying to break free. He writhed and wiggled on the floor trying to break his hands free. As he struggled his muscles bulged and his huge bottom jiggled. He always marveled at the fact that no matter how tight and muscular his body was his ass still had so much bounce. He could actually feel it moving as if independent from the rest of his body on occasion.

He thought about the revealing bikini briefs he now wore. They were designed with the seat cut out to compress the cheeks together and cause them to jute out. Pierce did not need anything to cause his full round cheeks to jute out but he wore them anyway having a fetish for skimpy undies. And anyway when he dressed this morning he never dreamed that he would find himself stripped of his tuxedo and fully exposed.

He continued to struggle. The ball gag in his mouth was tight. He couldn't utter a sound. Then from behind him in the shadows he saw a movement followed by the sound of a chair being pushed back. The someone in the room stood and walked over to where he lay vulnerable and exposed in his his tiny red briefs.

As he lay there he looked up into the eyes of Carlton Majors who said, "Agent 69 we finally meet face to face. I've heard lots about you. Welcome to my home."

Pierce shoot him an angry determined look that said 'you haven't won yet.'

"Please don't bother to get up. I can see your a bit tied up right now.", said Carlton followed by a long evil laugh.

Agent 69 just looked up at the drug lord, pure hate dripping from his eyes. As Carlton continued to speak. "As you can see I had some of my men strip you down. I had to be sure you were not wearing a wire. My man, Rico, was quite taken by your slutty little underwear and your colossal rump. Never had so little had to hold in so much. " This was followed by another evil laugh. "Now I need to know what it is that you know about me. And what you intend to do with the information." With that Mr. Majors walked over to his desk and hit an intercom saying "Rico, come in here and bring Luther with you."

Less than ten seconds later the office door opened and in walked two beefy men, One Latino (Rico) and one African American (Luther). Mr. Majors motioned to Agent 69 bound and helpless on the floor and said, "Okay men get him to his feet."

Pierce struggled in vane as Rico grab one shoulder and Luther the other and they pulled him to his feet. As they did so Rico took the opportunity to grope and paw at Pierce's sweet round flesh globes. The Agent felt cheap and disgusted at being felt up like a melon at the market.

Mr. Majors looked him up and down taking in every inch of his muscular frame. Taking note at the way his heavy prick and low hanging balls sack weighed down the from of his tiny red bikini briefs causing them to dip low in front. If Agent 69 hadn't shaved his manhood bald pubes would have been popping out from how low the briefs hung.

Pierce felt ridiculous. Here he stood stripped to the most revealing underpants. His feet were still bound as were his hands behind his back. And the ball gag was secure as ever. He could only imagine how foolish he must look. Then Mr. Majors spoke, "Well, Mr. Tanner just look at yourself. Not so tough now. All stripped down and vulnerable."

Hate spilled from Pierce's eyes as Majors continue to speak, "Now I will give you one more chance to tell me all you have learned about me and what you intend to do with it. I also want to know who you report to." Then looking at Luther he said, "Remove the gag."

Luther did as he was told while Rico continued holding Agent 69 up as well as feeling him up. Pierce's jaw was sore from the ball gag. He opened and closed his mouth several times trying to limber it up. Carlton said, "Well Agent 69, I'm waiting."

With defiance blazing in his eyes Pierce spit in the face of Carlton Majors and said, "Fuck you, Majors. I'll never talk."

Anger blared in the drug dealers eyes as he wiped the spit from his face. He brought his hand up and slap Pierce hard across the face saying, "Not a smart move Mr. Tanner. In fact very stupid. And before this night is through you will tell me what I want to know." With that he reached down and grabbed the agents minuscule undergarment by the waistband and gave a quick tug. There was a loud RRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPP as the briefs flew from his tight muscular body. His fat cock and heavy balls dropped and his ass rippled and quivered.

With the briefs still in his hand Carlton advanced toward his desk. He opened it and pulled out a bottle of ether. He soaked the tiny briefs with it and made his way toward Pierce and held the ether drenched briefs over his nose and mouth. Agent 69 struggled but it was useless and he knew it as once again he lost consciousness as he slipped from Rico's hold and sunk to the floor. The last thing he heard Carlton say was, "Bring it in, Luther."

When he awoke again he found himself strapped down to a strange contraption. He was on his knees and bent over a bar. His legs were strapped down So he could not get out of the kneeling position. In front of him attached to the contraption was a table like surface. He was propped up on his elbows and his hands strapped down.

On the back of the device was a long metal pole with something attached. Something that resembled a 10" penis in color and design. But it was thick as hell.

Carlton Majors spoke, "Are you ready to give me the information I want, Mr. Tanner?"

And again Agent 69 replied with, "Fuck you!"

Carlton shook his head saying, "No fuck you." Then to Luther and Rico he said, "Prep him."

Luther sank to his knees. In his hand was a long thin black leather strap that resembled a cock ring. But instead of snaps or Velcro it had tiny holes all through it and a small buckle on the end making it look like a mini belt. Luther took hold of the Agents thick flaccid cock and fastened it around the base of the cock and balls and began to tighten it. Pierce yelled out and said, "What the fuck are you doing you twisted pervert?"

Carlton just laughed while behind him Pierce could feel Rico's hands all over his plump posterior. Rico was spreading his expanse of ass wide so that Piece's tight straight virgin hole winked back at him. Pierce could feel something cold and sticky being rubbed around his tight pink button. A lubricant of some sort. Then Rico's finger slide in and out a few times.

Pierce bucked forward but didn't get very far as again he asked, "What are you doing to me!?"

This time Carlton replied with a glint if excitement in his eyes. "Since you refuse to talk I told you I had ways of making you talk. I designed this machine myself. It's a fucking machine of sorts. Let me explain how it works. Rico will insert the 10" dildo in your fat ass. I turn on the machine and the dildo goes in and out at a steady pace depending on the speed I set it at. It will continue to fuck you rubbing your prostate. This will cause and erection. Luther is fastening a very special cock ring around your dick now. The purpose of a cock ring is to help maintain an erection longer once the blood gets to your penis. This one is so tight that not only will it keep you hard but it will prevent you from ejaculating. The dildo will massage your prostate and your balls will fill with cum. You'll want to get off but won't be able to. By the end of the night you'll be begging me to let you get off. And I will once you tell me what I want to know."

"You are one perverted fucker, Majors. You won't break me. I'll never talk."

"Your choice.", laughed Carlton Majors as he waved to Rico. "Let's get started."

Rico pried Pierce's monster man muffins apart again and worked the head of the over sized dong into his tight anus. Pierce yelled out in pain saying, "Fuck take it easy I've never had anything in my ass before."

Then Rico flipped the switch and the contraption started working. It was set to low and the dildo thrust into Agent 69's tight pucker causing him to yell out in pain. He felt like he was being ripped in two as the massive dildo worked it's way in and out. Each thrust in he could feel his prostate being massaged and much to his own surprise his cock did begin to grow and as much as he tried to fight it it continued to Grow until it reached it's full 9".

Pierce was humiliated not only at being stripped bare in front of these three men who were his enemies but also at the fact that they were seeing him so vulnerable. They had fondled his cock. Caressed his big butt. They had even seen his tight hole. Now they were seeing him sexually aroused. This was too much but still he would not talk so Carlton had Rico up the speed.

The fake cock pounded into Pierce with much force. His elephantine bottom rippled and jiggle as the device ass raped him. Fuck the cum was building up in his sack. He really did want release but he would not admit this. Instead he bit his lip as his engorged cock bobbed up and down.

Carlton, Luther & Rico all watched Pierce's sexual humiliation. He tried to twist and get away but he couldn't and all the massaging on his prostate was feeling way too good. He hated them for doing this to him but without realizing he started to moan with pleasure. But his balls were starting to ache. Carlton gave him a chance to give him the info he desired but still he refused and Rico turned the machine up full speed.

Agent 69's huge melons bounced and shook wildly. His cock and balls ached. He really did need release. He tried to will himself to cum just for a little relief but the cock ring was too tight.

Carlton noticed movement on one of the monitors that covered one wall of his office. Cameras were set up all around the mansion so that he could see anyone coming or going. He stood. "We shall return Mr. Tanner. Luther and I need to check on something. Rico will keep an eye on you."

Rico gave Pierce a dirty grin as Luther and Carlton exited the room. No sooner had the door shut behind them Rico was behind Pierce. His dirty hands roaming all over the massive mounds of plump ass flesh. Pierce tried to struggle and wiggle away but he was fastened down tight so that the only thing he could wiggle was he balloon butt. This however only seemed to excite Rico, who's breathing became much more frantic at seeing the huge slabs of flesh wobble back and forth.

The dildo was slamming into Pierce's no longer untapped ass with great speed. His balls no longer just ached they throbbed. Much to his own surprise he said to Rico, "Please let me get off. I need to cum."

But his pleas only seemed to excite Rico further, who was now bending down and kissing his creamy white ass flesh. Rico was grunting and moaning as he caressed and kissed the agents bulbous bottom. He then began licking it. Giving it a thorough tongue bath.

Pierce was wiggling partly to get away and partly in some vain attempt to find sexual release and ejaculate. But all he did was make his ample booty jiggle in the horny Rico's face. Again Pierce pleaded, "Please I beg you let me get off!"

Still Rico ignored him and said not a word. This was even worse than dealing with Carlton. Rico's silence and constant attention to Pierce's ass globes was unsettling. He didn't enjoy being another man's sexual toy.

Rico was still bathing him with his tongue but now his focus had shifted. Pierce's already huge ball sack looked close to bursting it was so full of cum. This became Rico's new focus as he started teasing the sack with the tip of his tongue. Pierce jolted begging, "No please don't! My balls hurt so bad! Please get me off!" he couldn't believe the sound of his own voice begging another man to get him off. But it was true he needed release.

Still ignoring him Rico worked his tongue down the shaft and licked the mushroom head of his engorged prick. Pierce hated this man with all of his being but as much as he hated him his warm wet mouth felt good and it might get him off. He thrust into Rico's mouth as best he could as the dildo worked his own hole.

Rico worked Pierce's cock down his throat as he unzipped his slacks and pulled out his own cock and started stroking. Up and down he went on the agents throbbing member as he reached up and started stroking his low hangers. Pierce yelled out. Fuck the slightest touch on his sack hurt like hell.

Rico had all of him in his mouth and was deep throating him now. Saliva ran down his chin as he moaned lustily. Pierce felt so close to cumming but still could not. Damn cock ring he thought. Then Rico stopped sucking and stood abruptly. He aimed his hard prick at Pierce's face and let loose.

The first blast of warm white jizz hit Pierce in the forehead and ran down his left cheeks. He opened his mouth and screamed, "What the fuck!" Just them another round of warm sticky fluid flew from Rico's hard cock and landed right in the agent's open mouth. On instinct he swallowed. He could feel the warm stick goo slide down his throat slowly.

This was too much. He had never even seen another guy cum, other than in a porno, and now in one night he had another man fondled his ass and cock. As well as suck his cock and get his ass rammed by a monster dildo. And now this. He was swallowing another man's seed.

Rico slapped him across the face with his softening cock. He wiped the remainder of jizz along Pierce's cheeks. Fearful to open his mouth again he kept his lips shut tight. Rico put his dick back in his pants and zipped up.

Pierce's nuts hurts so bad from all the anal stimulation. He could feel tears forming in his eyes. He needed to get off. Just then the door burst open and in came Carlton & Luther. To Rico he said, "It looks like some of Mr. Tanners friends are here to rescue him so we must go."

Rico followed Carlton & Luther. Carlton hit a button on the desk and the wall opened behind him. Behind the wall were stairs leading up and down. Carlton was going to escape.

The machine driven dildo continued it's assault of Agent 69's full fanny. He began whining. "Please don't leave me like this. I need to cum. Please. I need release now, Majors."

Carlton laughed as he disappeared behind the wall saying, "As much ad I hate to leave this beautiful sight I must. But we will meet again Me. Tanner." Then the wall closed and they were gone.

The office door burst open and in came three Agents dressed in black from head to toe carrying guns. Pierce called out to them, "My dick! Fuck! Help me! Release my dick"

The first Agent in the door sank to his knees and seeing the state of bondage his friends cock was in undid the buckle letting his fat cock free. As soon ad he did so Pierce let out an ear shattering yell and his cock erupted in a geyser of hot white fluid. His cum poured out freely as his cock bobbed up and down. As the other agent kneeled before him Pierce's fat prick hosed down his face with the warm seed. Cum dripped from the man's face as Pierce continued to shoot. Then it was over.

The other two agents watched in a mixture of horror and delight as the fake cock continued to plow their friends huge rear. In the end all three agents took more time than needed to remove the dildo, each enjoying the show. Each ran had his hands all over Pierce's ass as they removed it. In Pierce's opinion there was a little more groping than was needed but in the end he was rescued and very thankful as well as humiliated at being seen like this.

But he knew in his heart Carlton Majors was right, they would meet again. But next time he would be better prepared.


  1. Ah, Agent 69! He is my Gay Bond! :)) This story is like an erotic gay movie. You will be a very good screenwriter for gay films!

    In this story there are many favourite moments: Carlton Majors tore the briefs of his prisoner; then Luther installs the fuck machine to Pierce Tanner. My favourite lines: „Rico was spreading his expanse of ass wide so that Piece's tight straight virgin hole winked back at him. Pierce could feel something cold and sticky being rubbed around his tight pink button. A lubricant of some sort. Then Rico's finger slide in and out a few times.”

    And the end of the story is fantastic! Pierce ejaculate on the face of the other agent. What a sight: a naked muscular man getting fucked by an special dildo machine, and his cock ejaculate! I am not surprised at it: „three agents took more time than needed to remove the dildo, each enjoying the show”, and their hands ran all over Pierce's bubble butt.

    I hope so his adventures continue. The fuck machine is only the beginning. Pierce needs more humiliation: spanking, sucking and fucking by his enemies. But the time of the revenge comes: Pierce punishes Luther, Rico and (of course) Mr. Carlton. I think that very humiliating for a straight boss when he is a sexual toy for another man in front of his men. But he deserve the spanking and fucking by Rico and Luther too.

  2. Thank you for all the compliments. I would love to see some of my stories turned into gay films. Be so hot to see my fantasies brought to life. There will be more with Agent 69. I know I have been slow to write new stuff. But I still have lots in store for this series. I'm currently working on a certain military fantasy that I think you will enjoy very much if I ever finish it. It has been months since I have even looked at it.

    1. You know, man can to find many gay stories on-line, but few stories are really good. But Your stories are excellent.
      Yes, I wait your military fantasy very much. You know, the original story in me is unfinished, and your story helps to me to close the past.
      There is a proverb in my homeland: „Good work needs time”. I am not impatient, only very curious. :))
      I am sure of that not only I will enjoy your story.

  3. Thank you very much. I only hope I am able to live up to your expectations.